There’s is no disguising the fact that bite alarms play a big part in carp fishing. Whether it’s cheaper easy to use alarms to the top end Delkim , there’s alarms for every budget.

For the last year now I’ve been doing my own test by using the Wychwood Solace Alarms.

There’s are great little alarms for short or long session’s. There small, light and easy to use.  They come with 6 tone options, 7 volume options including silent and 6 sensitivity settings.

There is also a wireless receiver available with loads of different opinions and fits easy in your pocket.

Back to the alarms themselves.

You have 6 LED colours to choose from. I’ve had no problems with these alarms and if your on a budget these are great alarms to have in your armoury.

They also come with a 2 year warranty and protective case.

You can pick these little gems up at around £39 each with the receiver coming in at £40.

If your in the market for a alarm give them a try they might surprise you.