Arriving late from work, around 5pm, gave me limited time to have a walk around and get set up before nightfall. I decided on setting up in a bay that gets sunlight for most of the day and with the milder weather recently and shollow depths it should be the warmest part of the lake and a good area for carp to hold up in.

There’s also a good snaggy margin that I know holds carp from previous experience. Several over hanging and fallen trees, the perfect safe zone for carp to feel comfortable in.

My right rod flicked out underarm as close to the snags as I felt comfortable, about a foot away, a stiff hinged rig tipped with my confident Stickybaits white krill pop up was my choice of rig with the snaggy bed being a little busy with fallen twigs and a small amount of leaf litter.

I’d been given a batch of boilies to test and a hand full were thrown in as freebies with a few being crushed slightly between my finger and thumb to allow the attractions to leak faster.
I blended a handful of the test boilies at home (don’t let your Mrs catch you!) and planned on using the crumb/dust in pva bags. I made a few bags at home using Korda solid bags in small size.
The bag rig is simple – seven inches of Korda super natural braid in brown, a size 8 kurv shank tied on knotless style with a piece of blow out tube to trap the hair on top of the shank to give the rig a claw action when sucked up.

The rig should be around five inches when complete and short enough to fit into the bag without coiling too much and will hook the quarry fast and aggressively taking the weight of the inline drop off 2oz lead.
The left rod was cast with the pva bag to a small gravel area at around 30 yards. Another hand full of the test boilies were pulted out to the gravel area.

It was now dark so I quickly set up my bivvy, put the kettle on and tucked into dinner.

The right rod was consistently getting liners throughout the night. I was fishing locked up with a tight line due to how close the rig was to the snags, not wanting anything hooked to swim into the snags and becoming snagged itself. I’d recommend using snag ears and back rest that grip your rod butts tight when fishing in this way.

Apart from the liners, the night went by pretty quiet. I had re-cast my left rod with a new pva bag twice during the night to keep the attractions fresh but with no luck.

At first light the right rod bent around aggressively, keeping good pressure I steered the hooked fish from the snags and into open water, now allowing it to take a little line. It was soon in my net. Quickly unhooking and weighing the mid double stockie I secured the fish while I set up my camera kit. Photos taken and away it went, back into the snags no doubt.

The hinge stiff rig worked perfectly, hooking directly into the bottom lip.

I didn’t feel the need to re-cast the rod as I caused a lot of disturbance during the fight and i was in work soon so I slowly packed my gear away under the watchful eye of Mr Robin Red Breast.

Thanks for reading, for more pictures of my session follow my Instagram dave15johns.