The bringing together of the Team England Ladies Team is set to dominate their opening match against Wales in April.

The female carp scene has been growing significantly over the last few years as lots of girls take up the sport. 2015 saw the formation of the UK lady carp anglers group, and Miranda Brown, co-founder of the original group wants to take it one step further.

Female sport is popular in disciplines and carp fishing is no different. I approached the bosses at the Angling Trust to see if a lady carp team was an option and it was. We are governed by international rules and come under the banner of Carp Team England and the direction of England manager Rob Hughes

Female competition carp fishing on the international scene is limited and at the moment there are no official world events to compete in. However it is hoped that England will start the ball rolling and other nation as will follow suit soon.

Warrington Angling Centre wish the girls well and hope that this develops as far as the lads sport does.