Our destination today was Flushing Meadows Fishery,  a mixed course fishery designed from farm pools of various sizes in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

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Plan of attack today was a mixed approach on the  pole top 2+2 in 6ft of water , a small Preston Innovations Dura feeder under the tree about 18m to my left and then a small 2g crystal waggler  fishing over some sprayed maggots about 10-12m out just before it went shallow

My pole swim was the most productive of the day catching me over 100 fish upto 14oz nothing massive but in terrible conditions again it kept me busy and hoping the next fish could be one of those bigger carp I know are in pool 5
All these fish were caught on red maggot feeding mixed pinkies and micro pellets,when I changed hook bait the fish just didn’t want to know

Trying in vain to get some bigger fish I was using the feeder under a tree all to no success apart from a few small skimmers,something was telling me the better stamp of fish were just not playing ball today and probably followed the wind down to the other end of the canal

Something a bit different today for me when we  got a break in the rain I done half hour of speed fishing with a small waggler, clipping up and casting into a small pouch of sprayed maggots, this brought me 30 fish in about 30 minutes, this I’m sure will be a devastating style of fishing come the warmer weather when the carp are up in the water

Pretty much the same for the other lads plenty of fish but nothing much bigger than 1lb aprt from Robert later on who caught and lost a few carp on his polony pellets and meat

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It rained and rained all day apart for half a hour,the sun never came out and the wind was blowing this made for a rather muddy peg

Pellets,corn and meat I tried today the fish in my swim just didn’t want to know,put a maggot on the hook and they were going crazy,keeping the feed going in and plenty of it

The fish were not the only ones  who wanted some of the maggots

fishing in the rain and wind is not ideal but catching over 140 fish made it enjoyable a day were the maggots on the hook was the winner for me,and it is always  a bit comical when you have a friend who spends most of the day catching the far bank instead of fish

Lets hope for better weather,until then thanks for reading and tight lines Brian