The river season closed and the weather still in a transitional period with Jack Frost occasionally laying claim to the clear evenings to leave us with that unmistakeable spring time grass glistening in the early morning golden sun.

An all year round angler you draw on previous year’s experiences to know where is best to get a bite or two once the river come to a close.  The ponds and canals offer a challenge for those sessions where you want an odd bite but to get your angling fix you really do need to be looking more to the local commercials for much more reliable sport.

Commercials do come in for a lot of bad press in the angling world, some occasions it can be justified, but we all need to accept that commercial fisheries are no part and parcel of modern fishing and they do offer the angler a huge number of benefits away from the more natural venues.

The past few seasons has seen me drop in on a popular fishery called Cheshire Fishing, set in the Cheshire countryside is numerous pools offer the angler ample space to fish and whether your quarry is silvers, carp or even trout this place offers it all and set in such a beautiful back drop.  A place I enjoy visiting during this transitional period.

So many times I sit on here with just my top kit of my pole and have a great days fishing only so hear the voices of discontent from other anglers at the lack of sport in their swim. The fishing on here is far from challenging but on my visits I see many anglers blanking and it got me thinking as to why? Spending time comparing my tactics to theirs I noticed them making some quite simple errors when it comes to targeting this fishery and the top two being on is how far they cast out and the noise they make.

On a recent trip I visited this fishery and only used the top section of my pole for the whole session. There are always lessons to be learnt in fishing and in this blog the messages are quite simple, to show how you can catch close in and with very little bait by keeping to a few principles.

Let’s talk tackle…

My tackle for the session was my MAP TKS 101 2G Power top kit fitted with Diawa white hydro elastic on a side pulla system and a Drennan Dacron connector.  The rig a 0.3gram Trux Dino Float down to a size 16 Maver MT4 Barbless Hook and the line for the session was 2.1lb Kamasan Bayer Perlon fished straight through.

Keeping bait to a minimum I fed the swim with a Preston Innovations Soft Cad Pot and that’s pretty much the terminal tackle I used for the entire session.


Feeding one nugget of micro pellets in the kinder pot the aim of the session was to offer a pot of bait per fish so a fish comes in and there is one mouth full of Dynamite micro pellets on the bottom and amongst them was my double corn hook bait.

The first carp took around 15 seconds to come and the session was under way with white hydro elastic oozing out of the pole tip.

Feeding just enough pellets to get a bite but not too many as to attract numerous carp into your swim is key.  It might sound great to have a swim full of carp but the reality of this is a lots of lines bites and foul hooked fish as they knock into the line as they muscle each other about to get at the pellets.

As mentioned before just enough food for one carp to feed on.

Rotation Rotation Rotation..

Within my top kit radius I fished three swims, one right out in front and one down each margin and I fished these in rotation and soon got into a rhythm.  Feed, catch a carp, feed the swim and them move to the next swim where hopefully a carp had gained confidence in the time it was rested.

The bites where never one a chuck and I had to work at times for them, I think purely down to the fact I was netting fish in the radius of there the swims where but feeding steady bites come at a nice pace all day.

Keeping Quiet!!

By far the biggest reason people fail to catch on here was the inability to keep quiet.  I lost count at the amount of times I spotted the correlation between people shouting to their mates, playing music or even knocking tent poles in as in the clip below.  Sometimes a video speaks a thousand words and this clip certainly does.  Tactics right and keep quiet you can catch fish under your very feet.

Final net..

The final net went over 80lb of carp caught within the radius of my top kit on a few tins of sweet corn and a bag of micro pellets.  Fishing is all about having fun and this session was certainly that, bags of fun and a challenge to see what you could catch on one section of pole.

Till next time tight lines