From very modest beginnings and a handful of original members, the society has grown internationally. Currently. about a quarter of its members live and fish for grayling outside the United Kingdom. Membership of the society provides an opportunity to make a direct contribution to the conservation of perhaps the most beautiful of all wild game fish. The society works closely with clubs. riparian owners and other bodies to support conservation and provides grants to fund conservation work where it will directly benefit grayling.

In return for their support, The Grayling Society provides members with a range of benefits — principally aimed at informing them about the grayling and its habitat — offering advice on conservation and fishing and helping them to keep in touch with other like-minded anglers throughout the world.

The Grayling Society provides members with an opportunity to meet up and talk grayling at the annual symposium and AGM.  The Grayling Society’s core aims are to promote awareness, conservation and angling for grayling.


The society creates awareness of the grayling through membership of the society, the various publications produced by the society, The Grayling Society website and Facebook page, through attendance at various nationwide events and the network of area secretaries in the UK and overseas secretaries internationally.


For more than 25 years the society has been actively engaged in the conservation of grayling and has a conservation projects officer who is specifically dedicated to conservation. The society now provides an opportunity for its members to make a direct contribution to the conservation and sustainability of the grayling, its habitat and fisheries.

For some years the society has, each year, allocated a sum of money to be made available to suitable projects that will directly benefit the conservation of grayling anywhere in the world. Such projects could range from part-financing habitat improvement works, initiatives such as the promotion of catch- and-release of grayling, to increasing access to grayling anglers on the riverbank.


Grayling are among the most beautiful and most respected freshwater fish in the northern hemisphere. Their beauty; their habit of testing almost anything — including the angler — on the surface of the water; their shoaling instinct; the tendency to ‘corkscrew’ when hooked and fight seemingly forever make them a truly attractive and sporting fish. Help and advice from The Grayling Members of The Grayling Society ran access help, support and advice on access to and angling for grayling in several ways.

The Grayling Society produces a number of publications. The Grayling Angler’s Guide contains information on more than 100 waters in the UK where you can fish for grayling. The Grayling Journal and newsletters contain articles on angling for grayling in the UK and internationally, with contributions from around the world and from some of the finest proponents of the sport.

The Grayling Society website and Facebook page provide advice on angling and links to other sources with regular news updates. The network of area secretaries in the UK and overseas secretaries internationally are there to provide members with access to local knowledge and expertise. These hugely experienced individuals really know their patch and often arrange local events so that like-minded members can come together for a day’s fishing or an evening’s entertainment and share their experiences.

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