Help raise £50,000 to Save Our Carp Society

The Carp Society are raising money to fund the legal action to return the carp society to a democratically run organisation and permanently remove the ex-directors who have run it into the ground. Although the page shows as Paul Boichat as the owner it is owned by all the new directors who are working hard to remove Mannall & Coller who have tried to sell the Carp Society assets. Please note that any money raised will be transferred to the solicitors acting on our behalf and will help fund all the legal action undertaken to get the society back to its former glory.

This fighting fund will pay for legal costs to put this case in front of the courts and put in place a board of directors that want to run the society for the reasons it was set up, to protect carp angling for the future and remove the people who believe it is for their own wealth creation.

We have had quotes from our legal team that the costs will be at least £50,000 and we are running a number of events to raise this money, so please look at social media to see what you can bid on. Any donation you would like to make would be greatly appreciated and will help save the carp society. We have had to set up a fighting fund as due to the ongoing legal dispute the society’s bank accounts have been frozen.

Any money that is surplus at the end of the court action will be donated to a cancer charity in memory of all the great anglers of the pass that are no longer with us and would have been disgusted in the way the society has ended up.

Please support us and save the society and protect carp fishing for the future.

The Carp Society Board