Korda Krimps

 Are you worried about knot strength in your boom section or kicking your rig away from your lead set up or just like to have your rigs looking bang on and neat? Then look no further than these awesome crimping pliers and crimps.

Straight out of the packet I can tell they are quality in design and robust enough for the more heavy handed folk like me! Being a car mechanic by trade I have all types of pliers in my hand on a day to day basis and I settle for nothing less than quality in work too, only owning Snap on or Mac tools and the Korda Krimps rival these in craftsmanship.

The crimps themselves come in two sizes for the different diameter in line you are using. 0.6mm and 0.7mm. The smaller crimps are recommended for Mouth Trap, Boom or Stiff coated braids like Hybrid Stiff and the larger crimps for thicker materials up to 30lb.

At the business end of the pliers there are two small indentations for sitting your crimps into at different sizes which are easily labelled.

‘S’ for 0.6mm crimp (small)

‘L’ for 0.7mm crimp (large)

Simply slide a crimp onto your desired line then to the swivel on your leader or leadcore section then slide the line into the other side of the crimp leaving no loop or gap between the swivel and crimp. The reason for leaving no gap/loop is for added strength. Using the pliers on the correct indentation for the size of crimp gently squeeze the pliers together to form a good hold. On the opposite end do the same but add your rig leaving a small loop for extra movement if your using a stiff hinged or Ronnie.

Alternatively you can tie and crimp chod rigs to the exact same size and neatness using Korda Mouth Trap or Hybrid Stiff

Give them a try and make your rig box or chod safe box look neat and tidy with professionally tied rigs and have that confidence knowing your rigs and boom section are sitting perfectly every time.

I’ll be using them in my next session and sessions to come for sure.

Thanks for reading,


Tight lines,