A return to Cheshire fisheries on Sunday but this time a new pool for me and I went with a plan and was determined to stick with it even though as the week progressed the weather forecast was giving heavy rain and strong blustery winds which wasn’t ideal to my plan

The plan was fish Bait tec special G paste and meat 8 meters out as the shelf drops off and try to target a better stamp of carp but with these conditions presentation was going to be hard

A quick walk round the pools and I was soon thinking I should have brought my rods but that would have been the easy option. So setting up and cupping in plenty of trigonella micros and fishing a decent lump of paste on a size 12 hook and the bites were slow in coming, feeding a pole pot of micros every put in and the bites started to come after half an hour missing most of them which got me thinking it was small fish. After about an hour I got my first lump of the day wow did it fight, for the next hour or so it was an even battle with me catching as many as I lost, this is where I probably need to fine tune my paste fishing as it’s not a method I use often.

Soon the weather started to get the better of me ,unable to present my pole rigs due to the strong driving winds and a little worried about pole damage this was sweeping across the fishery and never in the same direction for to long so I went onto a shallow rig targeting the silvers at 4 meters out which was good sport on the light gear feeding maggots as well as on the hook

After a bit of dinner and a brew it was time to give it a couple of hours back out at 8m were I had kept feeding the pellets,the carp had certainly moved in on the feed with instant bites which started to bring hard fighting carp on the paste and a new bait for me glugged mussleberry meat always putting in feed after every missed bite or fish caught

A few for the camera

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Not as many fish as I thought I would have caught but I lost a lot some that felt big  and would not stop running when hooked, paste size was an issue for me aswell too small or too big there was always something nibbling on it and not always the carp I was after,the weather certainly played its part a few pegs down from me Dave had double the amount of carp I had using the feeder rod which let him have a better bait presentation in the high winds

A decent sort of day were I stuck to my plan and got more hours on the bank using paste which on its day is a killer method

hoping for some better weather soon Brian

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