We live in a time where predator fishing is really taking off and an angler looking to get into the sport can be swamped with all manner of complex rigs for catching pike.  As with most fishing the simple rigs can sometimes be over looked and in my experience fishing for pike, keeping it simple can be the way to put pike on the bank.

The rig I am about to show I have caught pike of all sizes on since starting pike fishing but to understand how such a simple rig can work involves us to get away from the mind set that complex rigs are essential, to do this we need only think that catching a pike is a simple as presenting a live or dead bait in front of a feeding fish.

A good strong main line braid is an essential back bone to any pike fishing and I always use Power Pro with a breaking strain of 30lb.  The line floats for one so when winding down to the fish you impart little if no resistance on the float and with little or no stretch in the line it gives the power when you strike to give the hooks the best chance or finding a hook hold in the pikes mouth.

Starting top to bottom we first thread on a Fox Rubber Float stop onto the line and push it up the line out of the way.  We then thread on two beads and these both act as a buffer and prevent the eye of your float from passing over the float stop.

I then thread on my float and in this simple go anywhere rig I always go with a Fox Predator 18 gram High Vis Dart.  In most scenarios in pike fishing the float is the common area of change from scenario to scenario but this float I find the best all rounder as it not only allows you to present a bait both on and off the bottom but if the wind is right on the day its high visibility veins allow you to drift a bait off the bottom to cover more water and take your bait to the pike.

Next I thread the amount of weight I want to use to the line.  I normally use one 8 gram fox quick change sinker and two Matrix bullet leads.  The reason for this is I feel the use of three smaller weights offers less resistance to the pike while the rubber element of the quick change sinker can still be used to cover the eye of the Fox quick change swivel link to reduce tangles.

I tie my line to the quick change swivel using a Palomar knot and the rig is then complete once you attach your wire trace to the Fox quick change swivel.

It’s a rig that has caught me pike on canals, rivers and canals a nice simple starting rig for anyone getting into pike fishing.

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