It’s a cold one…

Frost on the car and a  temperature reading of -1 got me thinking this is going to be a hard days fishing knowing that at Rosemary wood you always get a good healthy wind blowing in off the Irish sea, and I wasn’t wrong , crunchy grass under foot and platforms you would of been better with skates on instead of wellies, on a day like this its always better to wrap up the best you can and bring plenty of hot drinks and as we do spare clothes .

Pretty basic set-up today for me , bait wise it was 2 pints of dead red maggots from Warrington Angling Centre pre soaked in hemp oil,1 pint of live maggots and 1 pint of castors (my tray looked naked to how it usually is).

The platform side of the lake  is ideally suited for matches and the use of keepnets as its usually 3-4ft deep up against the reeds close in and Phil had kindly allowed us to use keepnets for our review today.

Giving myself plenty of room on the platforms and not much gear out of the car I had a plan of a top 2 + 1 set up to catch as many as I could in a short time,plumbing the depth it gave me almost the same depths to the right and left up against the reeds so I was happy fishing just a little over depth, then my other rig which was identical apart from being set for mid water, size 18 hooks (so I could get a couple  maggots on if needed) a slim bodied pole float that took 8 number 9 stotz giving me plenty of options to move the shot up and down the line as needed using a 0.09mm hook length to 0.15mm main line, 9am and we was ready to start……

Feeding loosely maggots either side and  changing presentation of shot for 2 hours brought 2 small fish ,the cold freezing wind and a strong under tow surely not helping, a brew and a banging of heads seen a slight change of plan Barry got the rods out to get into deeper water I came about 10ft off the reeds into open water and started to feed castors and maggots now all soaked in a bait bowl together with plenty of hemp oil 6-10 put in every cast not leaving it to rest for any longer than about one minute and the fish started to come catching a steady flow of Skimmers,Roach, Hybrids and a few Bream.

The results at the end of the day were very pleasing for both of us despite the conditions and it showed me just a small change brought the results with the addition of castors into my feed.


Brian Coakley
Warrington Angling

Im very approachable and usually have a spare cup and some coffee if anyone fancies a chat on the bank’ take me up on the offer and have a natter!