Redmire Pool’s future appears in doubt after it was revealed the Bernithan Court estate, on which the lake is situated, is set to go up for sale.

The legendary Remire Pool and all of it’s carp stocks will be sold in 2017. The two-acre lake is tucked away in the rolling hills of Herefordshire. It is most famous for producing British best carp for angling heroes Dick Walker and Chris Yates, and will be put on the market within months.

Details of the asking price of the estate have not yet been released, but the Richardson family, who have maintained the estate on which Redmire is situated for over 28 years, have revealed that the sale will include a large house, more than 100 acres of land, outhouses and barns and the meadows in which the lake is situated.

“The Richardson family have done an incredible job at this amazing venue and have decided that it’s time to pass the historic water and the surrounding estate on to someone new. This will begin the next chapter for this enchanting plot of land and all that comes with it,” said fishery manager Les Bamford.

“I’m in limbo in a way, because I really hope that whoever buys the estate appreciates the importance of Redmire’s place in angling history.

“The dream scenario is that the new owners will have the venue’s best interests at heart and will carry on in the same vein as the Richardsons.

“I’d like to be able to continue making this historic venue open to anglers wanting to fish for carp at one of the world’s most famous fisheries.”

Thousands of anglers will without a doubt be sharing the

hopes and sentiments of Les regarding the future of a venue that many see as the birthplace of modern carp fishing.

Angling legend Chris Yates is not only synonymous with the water for his capture of a 51lb 8oz British record mirror carp in 1980, but he also starred in the iconic TV series A Passion For Angling, which featured an episode called ‘Monster Myths’ which was filmed at Redmire Pool and inspired generations of fishermen.

“This beautiful estate that’s situated in such a stunning setting must be worth several millions,” he said. “I can’t imagine that the person or persons that buy it won’t be sensitive and continue to preserve Redmire.

“It might sound a bit selfish, but I’d love to see the lake given a rest and return to how it was back in the day, when it wasn’t extensively fished.

“Then it was all about mystery and the unknown.

“I know it’s great that many more anglers can now fish Redmire, but it would be almost poetic if the new owners maintained the lake, protected the original stocks and just let people occasionally fish there, or even just opened it for anglers to visit.

“The worse-case scenario would be that the new owner turns it into the angling equivalent of a really expensive pheasant shoot. I would hate that because it would then be almost completely inaccessible to the average angler.

“The most important thing is that the lake and its carp remain, and that Redmire is given the love and attention it deserves.”

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