A short trip to my local water in Cheshire ( no publicity venue ) although no frost and ice there was a freezing blustery wind which never got settled in any particular direction

So plan for today 3 swims 8m out to the  left , right and in front the left and right letting me fish under some over hanging trees. The depth was a disappointing 3ft from 6m out to 11.5m and this was in all three swims so setting up was easy . Rigs from previous winter trip outs were set to on the bottom , mid water and a slapping rig . Cupping in fluro pinkies and dead reds in each swim with a generous size ball of ground-bait . Hoping to catch plenty of silvers and a few f1’s………., oh how wrong was I , for 2-3 hours nothing not even a bite.

Why ? This is a venue we’re silvers are plentiful . One possible reason could of been the gathering cormorants on a nearby pylon taking it in turns to dive into the far side of the lake This made me think have the fish wised up and gone to find deeper water for protection I’m not sure

Wasting no more time I decided to get the feeder rod out for its 2017 debut and put the pole away .
A 28g guru method feeder with a 4″ hook length and size 16 qm1 hook was my starting off tactics . Bait …..well I was lucky enough to be given a sample of Old Ghost Green Algea ground-bait which smelt delicious mixed in with a generous amount of 4mm trigonella flavoured pellets and swapping round hook baits with maggots and the 4mm hard pellets

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The bites were instant and quite vicious so keeping a eye on you rod was vital .


Picking off f1’s,skimmers and bream at a steady pace throughout the day some reaching easily 5lb
It was important for me though with a wind that never settled to have a few swims to keep dropping into when the bites slowed down,also the changing from maggots to pellets quite regular on the hook

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It was a decent days fishing catching plenty on a day were the sun never came out but also worrying what kind of impact these cormorants are going to have as time goes on .If you are after any information or any more detail of my trips out or wanting to join us on future trips usually there is 6-8 of us getting out for some fishing and a bit of banter please use the contact form or drop into the shop.
tight lines

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