As some of you may or may not beware Linear Fisheries have addes a few new rules for 2017. I have had the pleasure of fishing Linear and feel these new rules will better the fishing and fishery going forward. Keep up the good work guys. Head of Operations down there Chris Blunt disclosed the following information about the fule change

**New Rules for 2017**

‘ We’ve got a few changes to announce for the start of 2017, we have put a lot of thought into these and we feel they will benefit the fishery and in the case of the Children, the sports as a whole.

• As of the 1st of Jan 2017, if you are using a ‘Spomb’ it MUST be used in conjunction with a spomb-float! To be honest we are fed-up of hearing reports about lost spombs being dragged in by anglers, or by us, and worse, fishing getting caught up in them. They are an excellent piece of kit and we don’t won’t to ban them, so we hope this will solve the problem, but we will continue to monitor the situation. For those of you that aren’t aware, spombs normally sink once cracked-off with trailing line or braid. If you arrive on site without a float, our bailiff’s will remind you and if you haven’t got one, we will have them on sale from the fishery at 50p each, less than they cost in the shops. To our best knowledge, all other spods are fine, including the similar Fox version.

• As of the 1st of Jan 2017, all children under the age of 16 will be able to fish for free as long as they are in the same swim as their parent/guardian. They must have proof of ID, preferably the free EA license that they need to apply for. Between the ages of 12 and 16 they can fish in the adjacent swim to their parent/guardian and in such cases they would get their ticket at half price. Under the age of 12 they MUST fish from the same swim as their parent/guardian. Please remember that when doubling up in swims you can now only fish with a maximum of two rods each! To ensure we don’t encourage children into taking time off from school, these discounts will only apply during recognised school holidays and on the weekends, (from Friday evening until Sunday evening).

• Finally, and we believe this is something that the majority of you will approve of, we are banning the ‘large-scale’ baiting with maggots, squats, casters or any other form of maggot. We have been considering this move for a while now and have taken your many comments into account, particularly your views expressed on the various Oxlease posts. That being said we have no evidence at all, that the over use of maggots has caused the issues in Oxlease Lake, although we can not completely rule it out either. Ten years ago, one gallon of maggots would have given you a massive edge but we now feel the use of maggots has all but blown and could actually be working against us as a fishery. They are not as productive as they once were, mainly due to over baiting. We have also listened to the many people who now seem to resent the fact that they cannot afford to compete against the angler who brings 10-gallons or more at a time. So from the 1st of Jan, we will only allow them to be used as hook baits, in pva bags or in feeders, we believe you should require no more than around 3 pints for an average 48-hour session. This rule will be enforced and if you are caught with large volumes of wrigglers, you will be asked to remove them from your swim or leave.

We hope that as the carp begin to see fewer maggots, those small patches that will be created by bags and feeders will eventually help give you a nice little edge when all else fails. We will also be monitoring over-baiting in general and we will advise anglers when we feel they are over-stepping the mark.

As a final note, to any dedicated maggots anglers out there, our apologies for the affect this may have on your fishing but we feel this is for the benefit of the fishery. ‘

All the best and have a great Christmas and New Year – Chris, Ian, Nick and the whole Linear team!!!