After lots of hard work and tedious background computer stuff, we have finally implemented our Loyalty Reward programme. Similar to the Tesco club card system, we are allocating you points for purchases made both in store and on-line.
The problem we have always had is making the scheme fair for people who come into the shop, on-line business is easy to capture transactions, but in-store it is much harder. Now with this new system it is as easy to redeem on-line as it is in-store. We want to reward all the little sales that make our shop so successful.

How to register


When you come to the till for the first time make sure that you give us your email address. This is the key to the scheme and ensures that everybody’s account is unique. We also need your first and last name, but that is just so we can easily lookup the addresses,

Once you have registered everytime you come to the till tell us your name and we can allocate your sale to your points tally. When it is successful you will receive an email informing your new points total. It is as simple as that. Every £1 you spend gives you 1 point.


Every transaction that we take on-line automatically registers your email address to the points scheme. So you don’t have to do anything, only remember to use the same email address for on-line purchases. Every £1 you spend gives you 1 point.


To see the list of rewards and check your balance you need to click here or click the Rewards button at the bottom of the page.

The current reward milestones will be displayed and how far you are from reaching them. The milestones won’t always be the same so worth checking them regularly. We will also be adding temporary milestones depending on the time of year.

How to redeem


Once you have reached one of the reward milestones, you can come into the shop and redeem the voucher at the till. The easiest way is to bring your phone with the email on, or print out the voucher. We will need to input the unique code into the till to take off your discounts


When you have your items in the cart and checkout, you can add a discount code to apply the discount to the cart. If the discount is validated then you should see this on your cart. For example, if you have a free shipping voucher, the shipping will change to zero, when the discount is applied.

For all iPhone user the software allows you to move your voucher into apple wallet. You can get more information here

We are really excited about the scheme and hope that you will find it beneficial too. Just remember that you can redeem your points in-store or on-line, whichever suits you. As always if you have any feedback, or any ideas about what points you want to see in the future let us know.