So everyone, it looks to be all change on your rod licence!

In a move based on Angling Trust recommendations, junior licences will be scrapped removing any barrier to cast a line for the first time. This is fabulous news… providing there’s a solid support plan to give them access to a rod and reel in the first place!

Sense has also prevailed in the world of big fish where, if you want to use a third rod like some people do, you don’t have to buy two full licences. You can buy a single two rod permit and a second cheaper option for a third rod.

And finally, licences will no longer run from season to season, they’ll be valid for 12 months from the day you buy them which seems to offer great value and embraces the modern world.

The changes have been tabled in Government and are awaiting the green light for 2017.

Everybody happy?…. ‘YES” or ‘NO’