Over 20 years since its conception the Nash Titan remains the carp world’s most successful, toughest shelter.

Nothing rivals a Titan for ease of set-up, durability or outright strength. The protection it offers is well documented – Titans have combated 100mph winds where nearby houses were destroyed, even flooding that washed all before it and yet when the water receded a Titan remained. It remains part of carp history that at least two anglers recognise the Titan for saving their lives when trees crashed down.

The Titan is the king of carp shelters. Iconic in design and instantly recognised the world over, it’s the boss. When you’re top of your game and fish hard in the most severe terrain or climate, there is one shelter you can trust – the Titan.

Relaunched after undergoing a complete reappraisal and update to accommodate the latest technology in materials and fabrics, today’s Titans offer strength and protection even greater than their predecessors.

Yet the winning design formula remains unchanged, with the benefits of optional mesh or storm panel in-fills for comfort in all conditions, durability from the most robust zips and fittings and practical generous session space. Available in both one and two man formats, with Titan 2 a firm favourite amongst travelling carpers the world over thanks to its generous space for two bedchairs and bomb proof build quality.

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