I get out fishing every Sunday no matter what the weather,this year is my first year I have fished right through the really colder months,so the ice,freezing winds and lack of day light hours has lead me to a new challenges and changes in  the way I’ve been fishing, the big notable change is the larger fish on most of the venues have gone into hiding and the smaller fish have been caught on lighter tackle in deeper water with less feed and smaller baits.

Its a common sound to hear some Anglers come away from a fisheries in the winter and say “well that was a load of rubbish i’m not coming back here again” especially on commercials that fish really well in the warmer months.

My first real taste of the winter was at Blakemere a hard water to catch on never mind the freezing conditions we encountered -4 through the night seen the lake freeze over with our lines still out needless to say I didn’t catch anything , but I took away experience of being behind some alarms and carp gear for the first time even though the two days did feel like a week when there is not much going on.

Several visits to Rosemary wood a water that doesn’t freeze over seen plenty of silver fish being caught on a water were usually  high wind brings out the best of this quality water,tackle scaled down and the return of the maggot helped with a good soaking of hemp oil made for some good pole action.

Three visits to Lloyd’s Meadow and we had to break the ice on two visits and it was that  cold the ice just kept freezing up the swims this resulted with just 3 very small roach being caught but sandwiched in between on a bitterly cold windy day brought me over 50 small carp which was very enjoyable on the light tackle.

Then there is the exception…………a great days fishing makes you forget about all the above and that day was Cheshire Fishing a few carp on the feeder and a net full up in the water shalla slapping 8m out on the pole , you just couldn’t of guessed what a great day we was going to have,this was a venue that was at deepest 5ft and wide open to the elements I suppose I hit on that shoal of hungry fish who wanted the feed on that particular day.

Rosemary wood and Lloyd’s Meadow ( Badger )were chosen because they are deep water lakes being 5ft in the margins and up to 8ft eight metres out, so floats were big but weights were small and plenty to scatter down the line allowing for various presentation patterns,bait was cupped in to keep it tight and usually three swims were fed never were we on the fish right away it was little and often with the feed and usually waiting a couple of hours for the fish to start feeding and then even less loose feed to keep the fish competing for the hook bait.

winter bait

My advice for some pleasure fishing in the colder months is keep up to date with the weather,wrap up warm, hot drinks aplenty,try to choose a venue that has good depth, scale down your tackle and be patience,bites and fish take longer to come by and usually the fish will hold up in shoals also every fish caught in the winter is a well earned fish if you are planning a trip to any of these venues and would like to know a little more how I got on please message me …….Brian.