I write this session blog frustrated and bewildered, let me tell you why.

Arriving at the lake for first light wasn’t allowed but Jack kindly let me come for 08:30. Driving up to the gate memories of my last visit came flooding back and I couldn’t wait to get the rods out. I went through a second gate and stood behind peg three, watching the water. I noticed a bit of bubbling at around 40yrds out. Without taking this as a sure sign I continued around the lake, looking for any other signs of carp activity. As I came back round to peg one the angler occupying it was holding a stunning Mirror up for the camera. This was his eighth fish since arriving on Sunday. He let on that he was catching on zigs but wouldn’t divulge into what depth he was fishing them at, don’t you just love the secretive angler.

I returned to the car to grab the marker rod and deeper pro plus. I concentrated on the area where the fish were fizzing earlier infront of peg three. It was showing depths of between 17 and 18 feet. A light layer of weed over a silty bottom. Plenty of fish were showing up on the deeper too so I went to get the rods and set up for the session. Within an hour I had two rods, both on zigs, on the spot. My third rod was waiting with anticipation to be cast to any showing fish. This finally happened at around 12:30, when a mid double to low 20 Mirror came soaring out of the water in front of some snags at 80 yards. I opted for a hinge stiff rig baited with a boosted white ns1 pop up. This was attached to a helicopter set up and sent on her way. A quick drop signalled it wasn’t very deep at around 5ft.

Day soon turned to night and I baited both spots with 15 and 18mm live system boilies boosted with roasted nut extract, amino 365, milk n nut crush and live system bag mix. This is my spod mix that I now take anywhere with great confidence and the smell is simply awesome.

A live system pop up and live system wafter were the hookbaits and these were cast to the 40 yard spot that I had been fishing earlier with zigs. My fingers were crossed for a busy night ahead and I slowly drifted off.

I awoke a few times during the night due to liners although at 03:00 I was delightfully woken by the sound of a very large carp crashing over my 40yard spot. Suddenly though it was 08:45 and I woke up confused as to why I hadn’t caught. The rods stayed in the water till 11:00 when I decided that a change might be in order and to check my rigs were ok. If you feel you should have had a take but haven’t it is always worth reeling in and re casting. To my dismay the right hand rod at 80 yards was somehow snagged on a black bag, this certainly won’t have done me any favours and it reiterates my last point.

The day quickly passed without a single occurance on any rod. On three separate occasions fish crashed over my 40 yard spot and I sat in the bivvy frustrated but I stayed composed and left the rods out there. We can be too quick sometimes to change things around if we aren’t catching but I had full confidence in the way I was fishing and it was just up the carp to slip up.

Unfortunatly it was soon time to pack away as my 36hrs was up. I planned to return a few weeks later but that didn’t go to plan.

A different destination wasn’t on the cards but proved fruitful

Arriving at the lake again a few weeks later I parked the car up and headed to peg one. It was free and having done nine fish on my previous trip to another angler I was keen to check the area out. Unfortunately it was void of any fish so I headed to peg three again where I had fished previously. An angler occupied peg ten across the lake and he was casting rather close to my water and had been catching. Without wanting to disturb his fishing I chose to get back in the car and head elsewhere as all other pegs on the lake were taken.

I ended up at Rising Sun fishery in Aldwark. An old haunt of mine from 4 years back. I know this water inside and out. Following wind direction and the weather forcast I opted to fish peg seven on the left hand side of the lake. Knowing what was in front of me already I clipped the rods up to known spots and got some rigs out followed by a good two kilo of bait. They love boilies in here and there are a lot of carp swimming within its depths so this certainly wasn’t too much to start off with.

The day was warm and fish were happily sunning themselves but as night fell they moved to the bottom and were crashing all over the place, so much so that I hardly slept a wink due to the noise. The following day i managed to winkle two of the many stockies in the lake. A 10lb 8oz and a 12lb 4oz. These fell to a Ronnie rig which I had decided to try. I am not usually one to follow current trends but I do like the mechanics of the rig and decided to give them a go.

The day was cut short though due to a rather roudy bunch turning up round to my left. I was happy to have caught two and I always enjoy a little trip to the lake.

I have recorded a video blog for both sessions for you to watch and hopefully enjoy but until my next time on the bank just remember that even if the reels aren’t turning you are always learning. Be lucky and tight lines

Stuart Broadbank