Lymm Angling Club offer a four-session, intensive “Introduction to Angling” course. This guide outlines the areas of coaching that will be provided and the learning objectives for those who attend. Catering for ages 8-16 years.

All sessions are two hours in length. The coaching is fairly intensive and to assist with this goal there will be no more than 1 coach to 4 anglers. Each session builds on the knowledge gained from preceding sessions and in so doing provides a constructive learning experience for all young anglers who attend.

Although the course caters for beginners, anglers who have some fishing experience can attend too. If an angler has some basic angling knowledge, he/she can start at the most appropriate session rather than attending all sessions. Numbers can be limited and preference is given to those who attend previous sessions.

Session 1

This is for anglers with no angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start

  • · Full Whip Set-up Provided

Learning Objectives

  • · Feeding Techniques.
  • · Safe unhooking, landing and putting back fish.
  • · Plumbing depth, casting and identifying fish species

Session 2

This covers anglers with little angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start
  • · Partial Whip Set-up Provided
  • · Floats requiring weights added and hook tying.

Learning Objectives

  • Additional bait knowledge and preparation.
  • How to correctly ‘cock’ floats and tie hooks.

Session 3

This is for anglers with some angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start

  • Small Whip Set-up.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to correctly tie rigs, add correct amount of weight and tie hooks.
  • More bait knowledge and techniques.

Session 4

This is for anglers with reasonable angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start

  • No Set-Up Provided
  • Choice of Whip or Float Rod Fishing

Learning Outcomes

  • How to set up box, bait station, whip or waggler set-up.
  • How to cast accurately with a float rod, how to use a reel and land fish correctly using a float rod set up.

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