Out today to my local Lloyd,s Meadow Fisheries in Cheshire in search of Silvers, with the temperature dropping overnight to a cold -2 it was a frosty start arriving bank side at the complex. With four lakes to pick from at Lloyd’s I decided to head onto Heron Lake knowing it had a great stock of silvers that hopefully would keep me busy all day even on the coldest of days,tactics for the session would be, two pole lines and a Groundbait feeder set up.

Pole line One

11 meters on the deck, fishing in 5 foot of water, using a mix of Chopped worm and dead Red maggots, a 0.5g Dino Chi chi float, to 0.11 main line to a 6 inch hook link of 0.10 with a B911 20s Hook.

Pole line Two

6 meters out, with this rig I set it up using Maggot “on the drop” style with shirt button number 9s weights evenly spread out along the four foot depth so that the live and dead red maggots would fall through the water layers nice and slow, a Dino Gino 0.4g float was used, again 0.11 main line, and a four inch hook link of 0.10 to a B911 20s hook.

Feeder Line

A small 20g cage feeder was used today, free running with a 18 inch hook link of 0.11 to a 18s B911 hook, groundbait used was Bait-Tech Pro Natural Dark and a small amount of Bait-Tech F1 mixed in.

Shipping out to the 11 meter line first off with chopped worm, a small skimmer had taken the bait as soon as the float settled (no blank for me), out again with a bit of worm and the float was under again, a nice 4oz Roach was in the net, this was the norm for the first hour with me shipping out and the float going under every put in, Roach and Skimmers falling to the worm, what a great start.

I was also feeding some chopped worm via a small pot on the pole in a bit of slop, which kept the bites coming.

A couple of hours had passed now but in that time I was feeding the closer line by hand with a mix of live and dead Red maggots, and thought I would give it a go as I could see some movement under the water from the fish feeding on the free offerings I was putting in by hand.

Placing the rig in I could see the float moving to the left indicating the bait had been taken and yes it had, a nice palm size roach had taken the bait on the way down. Putting more loose feed in by hand around 6 maggots every few seconds, the swim was alive with fish, again laying the rig over the top the float was away every put in with Roach and Skimmers falling to single maggot.

It was manic on both pole lines so I wanted to try the feeder for and hour before my session finished.

Out in front of me I had an island point with around 5 foot of water.

I baited up with Double Dead Red maggots and cast out to a maker I had lined up with, the feeder must have been in 5 seconds and the tip was around, this time a nice Skimmer of around 1lb had fallen to the bait, a few more casts and the same result with some nice skimmers hitting the feeder.

The Set-Up

Rotating the 3 lines today brought me a fantastic net of fish, I would say 30lb of Silver in less than 6 hours, with Chopped worm, live and Dead Red Maggots doing the business. It can be cracking fishing for silvers in the winter on Commercial Fisheries up and down the country, get yourself on the bank and give them silvers a go.

Nice Roach

Tight lines and see you on the Bank sometime.