This chod rig can be used on a naked chod or leader. Make sure you use a very buoyant pop up and tye it on using bait floss. Critically balance it with power grip tungsten rig putty so that it slowly sinks to the bottom. This way it can settle on any detritus or low lying weed.

Here are the materials and tools you will need to tie my Fox Rigidity Chod Rig.

Start by taking your size 5 Stiff Rig hook and tie a 4 turn whipping knot onto the shank of the hook. Moisten the knot, pull it down and move it to the eye of the hook.

Slide a fox edges micro ring swivel onto the tag end of the rigidity. Then pass the tag end through the eye and trim to around 5mm. Hold the hooklink back and carefully blob the tag end with a lighter.

Using a two turn blood knot tie the hooklink to a size 11 fox edges ring swivel
I like my chod rigs quite short, as you can see in the picture. Using two pulla tools, moisten the knots and pull everything down tight. Trim the tag end of the blood knot and blob it down for extra security.

You can also use this for a hinge stiff rig when tied to a fox illusion boom.

Go out there and give it a try. It can be devastating in the right situation.