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Behind The Counter #2

Behind The Counter #2

Behind The Counter #2 28 FEBRUARY, 2017 Good Bait More Hooks Broken Freezer Team Addition As I write this the weather is playing silly buggers again, with heavy sleet falling to the ground. The meteorological department has had to work overtime for the start of this...

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2017 Rod Licence Changes

2017 Rod Licence Changes

You may already be aware, but as renewal time approaches, we thought we'd remind you of the changes made to rod licences following feedback from anglers all Over England. These include a free rod licence for junior anglers, which is hoped will encourage rnore young...

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From Behind The Counter

From Behind The Counter

From Behind The Counter 31 JANUARY, 2017 A game of Tetris Sticky Baits Fox Footwear Shimano X-Stores Annual Celebrations We need your help The start to a new year is always exciting. The anticipation after Christmas gives way to the lull before we all gather around to...

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Environment Agency’s Voluntary Bailiff Service

Environment Agency’s Voluntary Bailiff Service

From Cornwall to Cumbria, an army of dedicated anglers is helping the fight against illegal fishing and fish theft. They are the recruits of the Angling Trust’s and Environment Agency’s Voluntary Bailiff Service (VBS) who act as the “eyes and ears” on riverbanks and...

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