Heron has the Edge
I had planned a return short session at my favorite fishery Lloyds Meadow in Mouldsworth Cheshire and today I fished the mixed lake called Heron, the lake itself has around 20 pegs and can throw up some fantastic fishing to the pleasure angler and match angler alike with nets of up to 200lb possible on the right day, with a great range of species it is a proper mix bag lake with Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Bream, Perch and Carp.

My plan of attack today was simple, a feeder set up to the island using a 24g Guru Hybrid feeder with Fishery micros and Bait-Tech 8mm The Juice Dumbells (Wafters). Pole lines would be two open water rigs and a margin rig. Open water Rig one, Bait-Tech 6mm Carp and Coarse Pellet on the hook, feeding 4mm fishery pellets, the second open water rig would be a mix of Meat and Corn for the hook feeding micro pellets, and last would be a margin rig using Bait-Tech Natural Corn and feeding heavy with fishery micros with some liquidized corn in them also.

The session was going to be a day where I would be happy catching any of the above mentioned species, but if the Carp did turn up it would be an interesting day.
Setting myself up on the peg I noticed down to my left side a nice margin bank with a few reeds and some grass coming into the water off the bank and in my head I was saying “Carp”. I had wetted the micros and added half a tin of liquidized corn then I dropped the lot into the margin, I would say a good pint of bait went in and i also fed and cupped in some free offerings on the other two open water lines and then moved onto my feeder rod while things worked there magic.

I have been using The Juice Dumbells a lot since hitting the shops and I wanted to try something a bit different today on the hook side of things, normally I would use a band for the Dumbell but today I was going to be using a bayonet on a hair as I think the presentation looks a lot more natural. I could see from my peg that the island had lots of fish patrolling it and there seemed to be lots of carp milling around, first cast out just uptight to the point of the island and all I had was liners, I had the bayonet through the middle of the dumbell but on the next cast out I swapped it from the middle to the top and it sat perfectly on the hair, I cast the feeder out and this time no liners but a proper bite and a small 2lb Mirror carp was in the net, I had a further 3 casts on the feeder and all casts resulted in a carp being hooked. An hour had passed now on the tip and I could see bubbles on the two open water pole lines and was eager to give them a go. A hard 6mm pellet was popped into the band and the pole shipped out to 11m, I laid the rig in and dropped some 4mm pellets out from a pot and waited for a bite, lifting and dropping the pellet it was not long until the float was away and I had my first skimmer on not a bad one too, again same process, ship out, lay the rig in and tip some 4mm pellets over the top and again another skimmer, rotated onto the corn and meat line now on open water rig number two and same as the pellet rig, the float settled and then vanished, another skimmer. I had taken some silvers on both lines by now but I was always keeping my eye open on my left margin swim which I had fed around an hour and a half previously and noticed some tail patterns breaking the surface while feeding on the freebies.

I had a top kit to hand and an extra section of pole close by just incase I hit into anything “Proper”, I was well beefed up for the job in hand fishing the margins with my top kit containing Maver Dual Core Retro 12-20 elastic which I had every confidence in even landing the largest of carp, I dropped my rig in with a single piece of corn on a 16s hook, loose fed a few 4mm pellets and also a small ball of the liquidized corn pellet mix and within 5 seconds my float had gone and my first margin carp was on, a small mirror of around 4lb, even when I was playing the fish in at such close quarters I could still see the tails of feeding fish still in the margin area happily browsing away, again feeding some 4mm pellets and then some of the corn mix I was able to get into a steady rhythm of hooking the fish, playing it, feeding and going again, if I missed a bite I would just feed again and it never took long before the carp where feeding freely once again in the swim, carp number 2 was on and this time felt a lot better, netted it and gave it a quick guess on the weight of around 8lb. More fish fell to the corn and it was now time to pack away, what a good short session it turned out to be, with plenty of silvers and carp coming out and the carp where still in the margin feeding as I was leaving, a quick guess on my total weight I gave myself 50-60lb.
Again a great session at Lloyds Meadow, if you have not been before please give the venue a try, pleasure fishing and match fishing all catered for.

Tactics used
Feeder set up, 24g Guru Hybrid feeder with 4″ QM1 Bayonet hair, Micros on the feeder and Bait-Tech 8mm The Juice Dumbells (Wafters).

Open water pole line one, 0.4g Dino York, 6mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellet on a 16s hook to a band feeding 4mm fishery pellets via a pot.

Open water pole line two, 0.4g Dino Duke, Bait-Tech Natural corn, 6mm cubed meat to a plain 16s hook feeding Fishery micros via a pot.

Margin line, 0.3 Dino Trux, Bait-Tech Natural corn on a 16s hook feeding a mix of liquidized corn and Micro pellets with a few 6mm cubes of meat (Heavily fed).

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Tight lines and see you on the bank very soon.
Dave Williams,
Bait-Tech, Fishing in the northwest, Match-Aid