With the suprising departure of Gaz Fareham to Sticky Baits, there was an air of anticipation from the world of carp fishing and CCMoore fans if the legendary Northern Specials will aslo be making the too.

Here’s what director of CCMoore Ian had to say on the matter

‘ As a Director of CC Moore & Co Ltd I would like to reassure our valued customers that we will continue to produce all the incredibly successful pop ups and hookbaits in our Northern Specials Range – and confirm that these products will in no way change going forward.
With such carefully balanced, successful attractor profiles, and to safeguard their long term security, the NS Range baits’ recipes have always remained a closely guarded secret at CCM HQ. I would therefore like to make it clear that we look forward to many more years of producing what we feel is one the best carp-catching ‘hook baits’ ever produced; something we know will be a huge relief to the many anglers who use them.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gaz for the time he has spent with us at CC Moore and wish everyone a great Christmas and big-fish filled 2017.’
Ian Moore.

Great news for all who use this fantastic hookbait

All the CCMoore range is available here at Warrington Angling Centre