Back in September last year I drove down to the Linear Complex again to hopefully net a stunner from Oxlease.

After checking the weather for the next week a new wind was set to push down to the road bank but i still took the time to walk around the lake and look for signs of carp activity.

On the road bank side carp were already showing themselves by crashing regularly and with that new wind set to come in during the night i picked a prime looking swim which commanded a lot of water in front and a fantastic reed line to my right.

I set up the rods up and set about finding a spot. I cast a bare lead out to where i had seen the fish earlier. At 53 yards it was a simple cast and i found a nice spot where the silt met some gravel.

I deposited six spods on the area consisting of Sticky Baits Vor-Tex, hemp, vor-tex cloudy liquid and corn. All three rods were cast on to the spot with minimum disturbance and i went back to the bivvy to tie some more rigs for the week.

On Wednesday morning the Carp put on a show good enough for Broadway. They were letting me know where they were and i duly obliged by sitting two rigs right in the middle of the rings they had left on the waters surface. I kept my left hand rod on the original spot and kept topping the spot up every hour with three spodfuls. Over the other two rods i sent out ten spodfuls equally. My main hookbaits of choice were vor-tex wafters and signature wafters.

Both days were quiet on the alarms unfortunatly but that was to change the next day

Mid afternoon, on the Thursday, i saw a heavy set carp head and shoulder just off to my right at 40 yards. My right hand rod was resting on the bivvy waiting to be cast so i rigged it up with one of my Camotex soft D rigs baited with a trimmed down pink signature wafter, a 4oz fox lead and sent her out to where the carp had shown.


I was back in the bivvy experimenting with some rigs when i got a single bleep on the receiver. The line was pulling tight and kiting right towards the reeds.

I tightened right down and lent into the fish. I had to don the waders and get into the drink. After steering her away from the reeds she plodded in front, making slow lunges for freedom every so often, until she finally graced the cord and was confined in the folds of my landing net.

UNIT was said in my mind and upon weighing her this was now a reality. A Mirror at 32lb 10oz and she was a New Personal Best, I was over the moon. My gut feeling about the way the carp would react had reigned true and had given me the biggest carp i had ever had the chance to catch.


The next day i was happy to land a lovely 19lb 10oz Mirror from my original spot that i had always kept a rig on, again a trimmed down pink signature wafter doing the business.

Although with the amount of carp showing i thought there would have been more but a new PB was all could have ever asked for.

By doing my homework before arriving with regards to weather i had a slight advantage on the carp and when the followed suit i was delighted to get one of the stunning Oxlease carp.

I never stopped on the trip. Even though bites weren’t coming i kept topping up the bait and that paid off with the 19.10 Mirror. By constantly watching the water i was able to find the carp and cast on to them resulting in my biggest carp to date.

I love this sport and i can’t wait to get back on the bank very soon.

Yours Thankfully

Stuart Broadbank