Today was one of those days I arrived with a plan and stuck to it,the plan was to fish paste all day in the open water and feed just micros, this was a bit of a gamble as the weather forecast was mid 20’s no cloud cover and a flat calm lake and add to that I’m a novice when it come to paste fishing

Trolley loaded and a short walk upto Heron lake at Lloyds Meadow a quick look around and my peg was chosen ,easy choice realy not much fish movement to confuse me  but plenty of room on the peg next to me for fellow Warrington Angling Centre team mate Danny Bellfield who also fancied a few hours on the top lake

 Choosing the deepest part of the swim in front of me which was about 4ft and 8 metre’s out was ideal for my attempt to snare a few carp in what was now turning out to be a blistering hot day

Three identical rigs apart from hook sizes which were 12,14,16 depending on the stamp of fish I was getting into and large size pole cups to feed micros every put in

A slow start to procedures seen me miss quite a few bites which I put down to possibly paste size and the type of fish attracted to my feed and hook bait, after about half a hour the fish started to come roach,skimmers and bream and only line bites from the odd nosey carp,but still I carried on feeding micros every put in with now the addition of some 6mm pellets trying to feed off the silvers but leave enough bait on the deck to try to attract the carp,the silvers kept coming making me think its not going to plan but hey a fish is a fish and it kept me busy in this heat I only kept the fish in the keepnet for about 3 hours

 So not getting any of my target fish and no plan B I plodded away but started to go 50/50 with micros and 6mm in my pole cups and making more of a splash with my feed hoping to draw in these nosey carp that had started to mull around, this with bigger paste presentation seem to do the trick  as I lost 2 carp in quick succession before landing my first one a mirror carp about 3lb , then another and constantly catching and loosing a few for the next couple of hours until I emptied my net again in the scorching heat

first carp net

four large cups of 6mm’s and into my swim and a half hour break with Danny which we used to see how Kingfisher was fishing and a chat with a few of the locals,getting back to our pegs and the temperatures were now at their hottest so we said couple more hours and we call it  a day,

Straight back into the carp and a similar pattern loosing a few and catching few trying to keep my paste consistent in size and keeping the feed going in, it then dawned on me after catching silvers to start the session off I had not caught any and didn’t catch any for the rest of the day, had I fed them off ? seems that way.

by now the heat had took effect on me and it was time to pack up,I was pleased with this session learning how sticking to a plan , possible feeding off the smaller fish and most of all have a bit of confidence and patience in your self and you should get the rewards

I have posted a couple of videos on my you tube channel just showing how quick the bites were and a little in sight to the paste I was using and how effective it has been for me

tight lines Brian