Usually when fishing commercial snakes or canals most pegs look the same so do you go the easy option and opt for a car park peg or load up your trolley and go for a peaceful session out of the way one thing is for sure you want to catch fish,me I opted to ask around and see what pegs were fishing good during the matches this is easily found on the Brookside results page on Facebook, so off to the mid 20’s I went.

Brookside holds regular open matches and take club bookings aswell check their website for booking details also night fishing is available

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Pole only approach today with various pellets and maggots for hook bait and micro pellets for feed

and a bit of pole rig preparation the night before beefing up a few rigs knowing the amount of hard fighting F1’s that were in this match lake

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Feeding 13.5m to the Island , 8m to the center of the lake and 4m to the right of me in the margin using a tree stump as a marker.each swim was fed the same holding back feeding the margin swim until dinner time


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The fish came instant from the 13.5m swim catching 6 and losing 6 but then the bites slowed down as the wind picked up from what was a very still calm water,moving to the 8m swim a bit of slapping at various depths brought a few more fish constantly changing depths and shot patterns to try to temp a few more bites

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During the day a few friends popped by to see how I was getting on including Adam Bowen from Fishing in the North West , Stewart Russling Youth Team Co-ordinator at Beechwood Baits and Robert Woods good all round nice guy and top angler,unfortunately I was entering a barren spell were I was getting no bites so no fish and later I found out that the lake does tend to switch off for a couple of hours around dinner time

Still I persisted swapping round hookbaits and trickling in the feed,the lake was like a graveyard no fish movement what so ever

This was the ideal time now to start feeding the margins if the fish were on the move why not tempt them here,half hour on after a few gudgeon and some roach someone rang the dinner bell and the margins were alive this being my first decent fish from the margins

now feeding maggots and micros every put in,these F1’s were fighting hard and went upto 5lb,I was catching these on hard pellets and maggots ( as above )

Today I chose a peg that had been doing well in the matches but to be honest it had very similar features,cut outs and plant life as all the other pegs , what could be the difference is the weather on the day or the skill of the angler knowing when to switch swims and when to feed and how much to feed,but what remains the same is you just don’t know until you give it ago

This could be the ideal water to turn up for a few hours in the afternoon knowing the fish are ready for a feed especially when it warms up and margin fishing is in full flow

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