For me choosing S-core was simple it’s like no other on the market.

Here’s what the bait boffins at Richworth have to say about this remarkable bait

For many years bait companies and carp anglers have been using Amino Acids in their baits with some success, but because of their make up, AA’s are notoriously difficult to get right within a bait and have a very narrow concentration window in which they are effective.

AA additives are typically supplied as one of two basic forms: single AAs and their analogues (such as betaine) or AA blends, possessing characteristic AA profiles, typically derived through the digestion of a parent protein (CSL, HVP, HPP, GLM, Multimino etc.). The latter are often referred to as ‘liquid foods’. These products do give the bait a very minor stimulatory boost, but if no fish are present in the swim at this time their effectiveness is wasted, as no AA’s will attract fish to the swim, this is down to the flavour release of the bait and as we all know it can take many hours to draw fish to your swim, however once fish do arrive, this is the point when you need the stimulation and this is what anglers have been looking for since the beginning of our sport.

Fish associate AA’s with the presence of food, every organism, living or dead, animal or vegetable, is ‘leaking’ AAs into its immediate environment. For aquatic creatures, their respective AAs dissolve directly into the surrounding water. It is these solvated AAs that are ultimately detected by fish, so allowing them to home in on a potential meal. Importantly, plants and animals have their own unique AA profiles (AA profiles are the resulting ‘soup’ of AAs generated when the parent protein breaks down) – a fact which allows fish to distinguish between these two general food types, The research that has been carried out over the past ten years was to find what specific AAs and/or AA profiles would stimulate fish to feed.

Richworth have been working with one of the world’s leading authorities in Amino Acids over the past 18 months to develop his ten years of work in to a useable bait that contains the unique mixture of AA’s that remain active over a longer period of time.

After hundreds of hours of development and testing the New Richworth S-Core range of bait was born, containing the AminoPlex Biostimulant, this is unlike any bait ever made.

We have conducted countless tests in real angling situations from busy day ticket fisheries like the Linear complex to ultra hard syndicate waters and the results are all the same, S-core out fished everything else, it’s worth mentioning at this point that this bait will

stimulate fish to feed once they arrive in the swim, the flavour and make up of the bait will attract the fish, along with the skill of the angler, this like any other bait it needs to be fed where you expect to get a bite from, this stimulates a feeding response it doesn’t make carp jump on the bank the minute you arrive in the car park.

That said we have had some unbelievable results in testing and have watched fish become totally pre-occupied over baited areas long after they have eaten all the bait, this is due to the fact the AminoPlex is heavier than water so as it releases from the bait it sinks in to the lake bed and the fish just keep digging up the swim.

We have had independent academic studies conducted at Sparsholt College over a prolonged test period fishing S-Core against other leading baits and in both trials it out fished the competition by almost 3-1,this is very significant because there isn’t an angler alive that wouldn’t want to up his catch rate by that percentage.

Because AminoPlex becomes active when released in to the swim we have designed the range to maximise the stimulants effectiveness, The boilie are made on a Bird food base mix to achieve optimum leakage, however this still takes time with a boiled bait, so we have a Stick-Mix/Ground bait containing pure AminoPlex that starts to work immediately on the lake bed, secondary release comes in the form of 4mm and 8mm Pellets and then finally through the boilies, we have found that crushing or chopping boilies gives the angler another stage of release, in practice we have had over 36 hours of activity over one initial feed of Stick-Mix, Pellets and Boilies, We have also pre-baited areas 24 hours before fishing and caught instantly the next day just fishing bags over the area, this was part of the testing process where other baits were also fed within metres of S-Core but produced no action leading to the conclusion that the fish were pre-occupied over the stimulant.

Some leading anglers have been involved in the testing of S-Core and although very sceptical at the start have been totally convinced that this bait is very special purely by the fact that their catch rates have increased by so much.

So theres a little insite in to why I choose S-core and why you should too.


Tight Lines All.