Well where I start with this latest instalment my target fish The Big Mirror was found dead shortly after my last session.

We set our targets and aims for the year without a second thought to the fish and how long they are going to be around with us. Honestly I can say I didn’t give it enough time with the rods out for this target and it eluded me.

I decided to keep going on The Res after all I had done a lot on leg work there finding spots and getting the bait introduced.

The weather this session was far more pleasant and somewhat carpy a hit of fish was surely due, setting up on the slope peg I decided to fish solid bags at 80 ish yards range towards a weed bed. Fish were boshing and showing all morning some way out but over the course of the morning the slowly worked their way back down into the area.

Well I said I wanted a hit off fish, I certainly got what I deserved 8 bites throughout the session landing 5 and loosing 3 in the weed.


jamie-sinar-mirror jamie-sinar-mirror-2

Using Korda solidz small attached to a 5 inch length of kable leadcore to a square 2.5oz in-line lead. Hook length choice is a simple supple braid of approximately 3inch. Hook bait choice was simple Craft Catcher White Krill Tipper fished KD style to a Korda Kurv Size 8.

The tippers are a quality addition to my solid bag hook bait armoury perfect buoyancy for a KD rig tied to a size 8.

Tight Lines All.