Still targeting the local reservoir with the success of the 19lb 14oz mirror taken of the top a few weeks back I was keen to get back and try for my target fish an elusive mirror of over 30lb and nearly as old as me.

I managed to get a 36 hour session in over the weekend which produced two mid doubles however the session was far from plain sailing. Again I just can seem to hit it right with the conditions recently, High pressure all weekend an up north we have had temperatures well into the high twenties… Far from ideal for a take never mind a hit off fish or even getting them to take off the top was a hard task they just weren’t interested.

The Swim no in fact the whole res looked devoid of life, undeterred it set up in a swim called the beach. This offered me a huge expanse of water and gave me a massive vantage point to see if any fish were moving.

The rods went out to a known spot at 23 wraps with a clean firm donk which was soon followed by 2 kilo of a mixture of King Prawn and Peanut Pro. Hoping when the sun went down they would get on the feed.

The sun went down and expecting the lake to erupt with life I was soon despondent at the sign of no fish only the roach taking a newly formed fly hatch. Mid night passed, eyes peels across the lake with a brew in hand a fish nutted its head out in extremely shallow margin spot to my right I couldn’t sit back with rods out on the baited spots motionless.

A recast in the very early hours of the night produced two bites off the spot, a right result the session was saved. Both fish were taken on Washed out pink King Prawn Pop-Ups on again multi rigs over a very light scattering of King Prawn and Peanut Pro boilie.

jamie-sinar-appelton-reservoir-scaley-mirror-king-prawn-pop-pop jamie-sinar-appelton-reservoir-mirror-king-prawn-pop-up

As soon as the sun broke over the trees in the morning that was it for the action from the fish and pretty much it for the day. Another baking hot day the fish just weren’t having it on any given method I gave it my all stalking, floaters the lot and not a sniff. I really do believe that when the sun is so bright and so powerful the fish just don’t come up to the surface as much.

2 mid doubles in the net, a new night time spot found, plus quality bait getting me 1 step closer to the target.

Tight Lines All.