Unfortunately no fishing for me this week, however my dad has been getting amongst them on the local canal up at newton, which between us over the past 18 months has produced a phenomenal amount of carp. Last season alone I had 35 different carp which for the small section of canal we fished is quite remarkable. I shall collate the images and get a blog entry together for hints and tips from myself how I target these nomadic creatures.

On too the session after a few days of pre-baiting beforehand introducing a liberal mixture of King Prawn and Peanut Pro from Crafty Catcher. He then fished the ever faithful mutli rigs over the top on a small length of Nash Cling on Leader with the new Korda Heli safe fishing a match the hatch King Prawn Pop-up on both rods.

This method totalled a 6 fish hit for the day which is fantastic for any venue never mind an urban location.

The biggest of the session was this stunning scale perfect common of 17lb on the button.


Safe to say the Crafty Retro Range is certainly doing the do, until next time

Tight Lines All.

Vics top 5 Tips for Canal Carping

  1. Location, Location, Location – As easy as it sounds locate the fish and study there patrol route these carp are nomadic and can travel huge distances over a short time.
  2. Pre-Bait – Once you have found the carp and there areas give them some grub. I’d say 90% of these carp wiould have never seen a boilie before so get them to recognise that the round balls of goodness are actual food source.
  3. Mobility- Travel Light and keep on the move.
  4. Strength – Tried and tested gear is a must, 0.40mm or 20lb mainline is a must, big strong hooks, and a robust hooklength is vital there are alsorts of hidden obsticals under the surface which will and can cause a problem. The fish wont be rig shy so STEP IT UP.
  5. Be aware of Pedestrians / Cyclists –  As daft as it sounds we as carp anglers spend a small fortune on the latest gear last thing we want is a confrontation from Joe Bloggs because he road through your set up.