After a few weeks off fishing due a hectic schedule at work, birthdays, family holiday and fish partly spawning the rods finally went out this week on my target water which is a local reservoir
Arriving at the lake I found it to be quite busy for a Monday morning with all of the popular areas on the res which didn’t bother me as I knew were I wanted to get set up down towards the opposite end near an old walk way which goes out into the lake.

The weather was far from ideal, bright blue clear sky’s, high pressure and crystal clear water I knew the session was going to be tough to get a bite. After a walk along the dam wall along the edge of the pads I could see fish in the area coming in and out of the pads looking like they were willing to feed as a several dropped down onto the silt for a feed.Positioning the rods out on multi rigs in a shallow area just of the end of large bed of pads out went a scattering of Peanut Pro freezer bait to see if they were still looking for food.

Hearing several fish bosh to the far left of the area which was tucked from my swim due to a band of rushed which went out and blocked this area and stopped me flicking a rod round the corner.

Several hours later with no action from the open water rods despite fish being in the area the time for a bite had ebbed away, it was time to bring the rods in and go on the hunt for them. Walking around the rushed to were the fish had been showing throughout the morning and well into the afternoon I was greeted with a small group off 7 or so carp milling around.

Off i went back to the main swim an picked up my Bit Hit Crafty Floater Kit and a bottle of Hemp Oil it looked prime for a bite off the top, after getting a few fish going out went the hook bait. Two hook able floaters on a size 6 wide gape with a small mesh pva bag of mixers dipped in hemp oil went out, this surely was going to get me a bite.

The fish were still having the mixers but the bigger fish of the group were just under the surface taking the swollen mixers as they were falling through the water. It hit me what was needed to get a bite

The rod was wound in on went a single soft mixers a squeeze in the margins just enough to make it slowly sink through the layers. Now it was a case of sight fishing and placing the bait right in front of its nose. Two of the bigger fish had moved off the main pack and was in casting range of went the hook bait, perfect cast watching the hook bait down in the clear water then well the rest is history the smaller of the two better fish was sulking in the net after a short battle in and out of pads.

The mirror weighed 19lb 14oz a new UK PB floater caught carp. A great turn around to what could of been a very disappointing session.

That was it for the rest off the session no more action, even the open water spots just didn’t produce at all even after dark. In reflection I think putting zig’s out might have produced a bite or two instead of being naive with the rigs and baits I have totally confidence in.The Crafty Floater Kit was a pleasure to use, hook baits prefect balance of buoyancy and toughness and the mixers were Nice and oily even straight out of the bucket without any extra oils or powders.

‘ Big Hit Crafty Floater Kit really does give you Bit Hit results ‘
Tight Lines All
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