I hope you guys are well an have been out getting amongst them?

I can believe its been nearly a year since the last canal carping blog edition how times flies. Well I’ve been back and had quite a result in recent week and here’s how it all unfolded.

Arriving in the car park just adjacent to the canal on a beautiful morning just before first light i was optimistic for a bite or two even though I’d had a disastrous couple of days of trying to put a bit of Key Cray boilies and Key Cray Flake in as i am pretty sure they had not been put in this section of canal before. But never the less i had the up most confidence in it.

Heading down the canal I primed a few spots which had done me fish over previous years with a few handfuls of bait.

Arriving in the chose are I flicked out a few variations I’ve been working on for a few months of the multi hinge rigs out with Cirtuz White Pops with a little twist but tying on a fake buoyant red maggot as the boilie stop for extra visual and let’s be honest what carp doesn’t love a maggot.

Flicking the left hand rod to a bush on the far side and with the right hand rod going at the bottom of the marginal shelf in the deeper water as the wind was bellowing down this area, over the top went roughly 3 hands full of flake and 30-50 boilies over each rod. Sitting back enjoying a cup of coffee chatting to the local dog walkers and a few locals it was just a really good vibe on the canal that day and I was sure the carp gods were looking down on me.

RING RING …….. RING RING …… in typical fashion the old man was on the blower seeing how I was getting on and were I was set up. Conversing and hatching a plan together if the spots didn’t produce was in full flow. WHACK the left hand rod tip belted round then an almighty drop back happened launching the phone with dad still on the other end I was in and doing battle with what felt like a rather large canal carp. Taking me round  stick up which was visible so I was aware of it, I just couldn’t stop it. The line went solid and the battle come to a stand still I felt sick a sudden kick and it was free. Walking back steering it away into open water it was tiring and came up for a gasp it was a lovely mirror my knees trembled and I needed to get this stunner in the net. BOOM it was in and i was elated peering into the mesh I was gob smacked.

This was the result 17lb 12oz of TWO TONE canal magic a true gem, immaculate in every way shape and form. To make things even more exciting as mad as it sounds to my surprise there on the mat was red shells from the Cray either this fish had been feeding on the other spots I have baited or it was feeding heavily on the spot in front of me.

For sure the Cray is not only a long-term high quality food source it’s also very instant too.

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A call back to the father and he was just as elated as I was, especially when he saw the pics. Brew time and the rod was back out, checking the line before due to it being snagged I was astounded to how much damage was on the line the Nash D-Cam mono really did the job, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have landed that carp if I was using a more inferior abrasive line. Starting again cutting off 10 yards or so re-tying the Cling-on Leader fresh Fang Twister hook on the rig and I was fishing again.


Hours had passed with no action on either rods I was getting itchy feet, these canal carp can be very moody and sometimes a single fish from a spot can move them on or adversely turn them on to feed. In years gone by i have had 8-9 fish hits in a session from the same spots without the need to move. Unfortunately on this occasion they had done the off.

Barrow loaded I was off back down towards the ca park to a spot know as the sedges, now not being one to brag but this spot really is a banker and normally I get a bite or two especially later on in the afternoon/evening.

Arriving the sedges it was noticeable how cold it was the temperature has dropped drastically and it was time  the Scope Ops Jacket went on I was freezing and a little deflated on getting a bite. But you have got to be in it to win it.

The wind was hacking now and I decided to double back lead with 2 x Nash 25g Backleads on each rod, reason for this was to keep as much line down near the bottom out of the flow and aid me to fish a super tight line even at 10ish yards out. To also aid with bite indication. Something I had seen a few years ago on a Nash DVD when Kevin was fishing the Copse Lake the Final Account I think it was call and it resonated with me and kept in my armoury for the correct situation.

Couple of hours later the rod sprung back and I was in a scrappy battle and a smaller mirror was in the net this one considerably smaller but equally as stunning as you will all agree.

Well that was it for the action but 2 fish on a new bait for the canal and when conditions was particularly favourable was good enough for me.

If you are thinking of getting away from the crowded lakes and busy day tickets in search of uncaught and untapped waterways call into the shop and have a brew and I can pass my knowledge on to you.

Finally if you are out this coming weekend good luck and Tight Lines.