I did a short 4 hour session on a local reservoir after work last Thursday

So arriving about 4 o’clock after work to find the res was surprisingly very busy all over with not many swims available I unloaded the car an set off trying to find the fish. After a walk round talking to a few local anglers nothing had been caught and very little activity had been seen.

Undeterred I set off doing several laps of the lake until eventually I found a group of fish in a small corner near one of the towers feeding hard in the teeth of strong wind, the spot was only big enough for 1 rod. Keeping a close eye the spot once the fish had moved out slightly a hand full of corn along with a generous helping of Peanut Pro chops and whole baits went on to the spot.

Wading out and lowering a pop-up on a multi rig I sat back and waited for them to return. The lake continued to get even busier due to the weather changing for the better an conditions were bang on. The fish responded to the change in weather show after show liner after liner I knew a bite wouldn’t be far away, a few hours later and I was rewarded with a cracking mirror just under 16lb not the biggest I know but a great way to start with Crafty Catcher and a great confidence booster.

Soon after the bite it was time to head home, not a bad result for a few hours after work and the fist fish from the Res after a very difficult late winter campaign.
Tight Lines All.