Well what a wash out and dire February we have had, but for those who have been out i hope you have been catching?

I have been getting out for the past few weeks and have started getting amongst a few fish on a local club lake what has done me well for many a years during the winter months. Its not the hardest of lakes but it does take a bit of nous and strategic angling to get a few fish under you belt when the weather is tough.

The first session was roughly mid February which saw me land 3 fish and a surprise tench from an area of the lake which has a drop off cutting it straight in half. Just like the depth drops in a swimming pool a slow gradual decline from left to right so you have options of going left and fishing both rods in 5ish foot or going right and fishing 7-8ft there is options for change during the sessions.

Picking this area was easy upon arriving I did the usual lap of the lake stopping off half way down the road bank and climbing the hill onto the moat to get a full lake view. Any signs of shows in the winter are a massive give away on any lake but especially on here they really do like to give themself up with ease as long as your watercraft is on point.

Seeing 3 separate shows in the water i had in front of me made my mind up. The other anglers all wrapped up warm totally missed this and was in the wrong part of the lake for sure. Out went a few singles on a variation of a multi rig I have been working on for a few months now and am loving the hook holds you get with it. Along with the Classic KD Rig using the Nash Citruz and Citruz Fizzing Stick Mix.







The KD rig which i use when wanting a ultra small food item and a little bag off attraction is tied up using Nash Combi-Link Slit 20lb whipped on KD style onto a Nash Fang X size 7 or 6 dependant of fish size and hookbait size. The hinged multi rig is a tad more complicated to tie and utilises and doubled over section of Nash Chod-Link 20lb albright knotted to a 8-9 inch section of Combi-link Silt again in the 20lb version to this I mount either a size 7 or 6 Nash Chod Twister. Followed by a hook ring svivel and 14-15mm pop up . I shall get a blog video together very soon showing you guys how I tie it up and how to get the best out of it.

On to the session in hand the morning was glorious and i was down to a T-shirt whilst setting up and wrapping the rods, out went 2 singles 11 wraps to the bottom of the shelf were the fish activity had taken place. Fish continued to show and i had nicked a fish within a hour or so of casting out, by this time the weather had changed and storm Doris was on her way. Putting the layers back on a few quick snaps and the rods were back out kettle on!

Seeing a few more fish I made the decision to introduce a few mini spombs of Nash Bait Key Cray Flake. I love this stuff and it has certainly been putting a few extra fish on the bank during this late winter period. Having put a bit of bait out I decided on a slight a rig change too I put out a Key Cray Cultured Hookbait in conjunction with a small mesh bag of Flake for even more attraction.

Well the introduction of some bait with out a doubt paid off and throughout the session I landed another 2 small commons and a surprise tench too.

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Storm Doris was in full swing and getting the rod back out to the spot was proving tricky but with a heavier lead and perseverance paid off and the rods were always lading on the money.

The following sessions again produced fish for me in the same area of the lake, the fish must be holding there milling and mooching up and down the shelf grubbing for a few naturals. Talking to the bailiff I was informed the lake had been fishing slow in between my sessions so I was doing something right.

Same multi hinge rigs over a bed of flake has been working a treat over recent weeks so if you haven’t used flake before then get them carp hunting and give them a reason to feed.

Its now early March and with a holiday in a few days, plus birthdays and family events coming up i think this is me for getting back out during the month of March. Hopefully first weekend of April will be the return for me on the banks.

If you have any questions of rigs and want to look at the New Nash Key Cray range before it hits the store, come into the shop and see what its all about.

Tight Lines All.