Happy new year all, hope you all have a good christmas.

Well the weather has finally taken a turn for the worst as predicted but the Met Office (They have finally got it right for once!) and the frosty mornings have well and truly set in. Leaving a lid on the most of the water up ‘int’ north. with only rivers and sections of the canals in urban built up areas showing the slightest signs of being wobbly.

During the night the weather had taken a turn for the up most worst and the coldest night of the year had sprung on us and a lid was on the local carping waters which me and the ol fella normally have a social on in between christmas and new year we decided to have a dabble at something truly carpy ‘Dropshotting and Micro Jigging’ on the local canal to pass a day and to still get out wetting a line before the New Year work load in the shop kicks in and a busy social life come in full swing through out January.

With a harsh frost and frozen padlocks on the shed we were questioning our mentality going out in such hospitable conditions.

Arriving at the canal we was greeted with cat ice and sections of solid ice across the canal not the perfect conditions for any type of fishing never mind perch fishing. A short walk found us with a clear free stretch to work at the clarity of the water was nothing short of ridiculous you could see every shopping trolley and couch all the way across so open water fishing was definitely out of the question.

Working the inside margins and any structure which provided shelter was a must and crucial if we were going to get that bite we desperately needed and wanted.


Working the inside margins is a must on cold clear days

Using a combination of a trimmed down tiddler slow in hot olive pattern to replicate a small roach and a micro fry in fire tiger to entice them if they aren’t feeding heavy.


Have a multitude of lure options at your disposal

Several miles of canal covered for a measly perch not too dissimilar to the jig and head combined saw ua drop down off the canal and pursue a new water.

We decided to target the local brook which runs off Pennington Flash too see if any of the specimen perch still reside there.

A few casts with the standard tactics which were working on the day I decided to go big or go home.! By this I made the decision to do away with the arty farty micro Jigs and fine diameter Fluorocarbon leader and put a wire trace with a big jig to give them a proper meal. The wire trace was a precautionary measure as there is a good head of pike in the brook.


Covering as much water as we could fish as a pair


Balance is key 2-12g Dropshot Rod 1000 size reel 10lb braid

Boom the decision paid off an I was in a short fight later an a decent perch was in the net and a rather dismal day turned into a half decent one.

That was the last bit of action for the day, which wasnt a bad thing as we had a few fish and a good catch up. Fingers crossed for the next edition the lakes are clear and I can return my attention to my beloved carp o how I have missed blanking 🙂

Until next time

Tight lines