Hi All

Guys well hows everyone getting on in there angling during this normally productive autumn period?

Well my angling is going pretty slow at the moment, still getting out and sessions are still coming thick and fast however the fish have got the memo to have a good feed. Still plugging away and baiting the local waters wuith the soon to be launched next year Nash Key Cray which I turn my attention to during this time of year I am sure they will switch on in the coming weeks in the lead up to the christmas festivities.

Rigs and tackle wise nothing really has changed from the usual multi-rig tactics, the only difference is the high of the Pop-up section has lengthened slightly due to leaf litter and extra detritus on the lake beds this time of year due to the change of seasons.

The other little extra i have added to my armoury is the new Citruz Cultured Hookbaits and Fizzing Stick mix whixh again is due for release very very soon. Fishing these on standard coated blowback rigs using Nash Combi-Link Silt, Super Sharp Fang Twister size 6 or a J Precision Samuri Wide Gape size 4, trapping the hair with the Nash blowout tube rather than a rig ring.

Good news for all that use the shop we have some massive new improvements to the carp and predator section over the coming month an will be finished but the early New Year, this is going to enable us to stock more of the beloved tackle you need to catch those wackers so as soon as thats finished I shall be doing an entry on the main news feed on the website so keep looking for that.

Well thats all for now

Tight Lines if your out and keep plugging away