Well its been another slow few weeks on the carp front, not had a fish of any notable significance in a few weeks so the blanks are notching up but nether the less we keep doing what we love.

The harshest frost weve had this winter saw me dusting off the drop shotting gear and pounding the banks of the local canal in the town centre of Leigh.

4 Different sections and 10s of miles walked resulted in a few what I call wasp perch (you know the ones, same size as a thumb nails and swollows the entire hook and lure) with a few bigger mixed in up to a round 12oz tunred a rather bland day into a half decent one. Topped off by being flat rodded by a rather unsuspecting Pike.

A few more milder autumnal days hadd me itching to geth the carp rods out, again to no avil! A change of venue due to a few lads in the shop fishing the local res had been having on eor two bites which was good enough for me seeing this was the only place to throw out more than 1 fish for a few week.

Armed with the Nash Key Cray and a pot of home made hookbaits I was out and set up. Taking a slightly different approach from the norm. I opted for a Snowman presentation consisting of a Key Cray bottom bait tipped with a yellow homemade Sinar Special as I like to call them, the other was a Citruz Cultured with a bag of the fizzing stick mix for good measure.

The anticipation level was high due to a few liners early on into the session but that was as exciting as it got I hate to tell you. Not a single bleep after or sign of any thing carp related. Which suprised me to say the least as I am a very proactive on the banlk and rarely take my eyes off the water even at night.

However this did give me the chance to photograph some of the beautiul surroundings I was so lucky to be in,

This will probably be the last Edition for 2016 unless the carp god are looking down on me when me and the old fella venture out on a social session inbetween christmas and new year.

So I would like to thank everyone thats read, contributed, an given me the opportunity to work with them an make me catch the fish I have this year and wish everyone an Meryy Christmas and a Happy New Year guys and as always

Tight Lines