Arriving at Sunny 2 to find it was extremely busy with only a few empty swim free. I decide on a few laps round to see who was pulling off an what the general vibe off the place was as this was my first session up there.

A few laps round with a few conversations of seen nothing had nothing it’s fishing slow I wasn’t overly confident, especially after I hadn’t seen any signs or shows to even give me a hit on where to go.

Upon returning to car park end a bloke shouted me over to say he was leaving his swim an there was fish in area showing. Taking the advise with a pinch of salt we conversed about how his session had been an to my astonishment he had 4 during his 4 day stay. Scanning the water while deep in conversation a fish nutted it’s head out then another an.

I don’t normally like jumping into a swim which is just vacated but after seeing that and not much else to go off I couldn’t refuse.

Not wanting to put bait out due seeing fish and not knowing exactly how much the previous bloke put out. Out went 3 singles on multi rigs with Samurai wide gape in a size 6 hoping for some action pretty quick. Soon the time got on an no action no shows nothing the fish has clearly moved out of the area. So out when 5 mini spombs of chopped an whole richworth S-core, sweetcorn an a few micro pellet.

The weather change during the night the carpy conditions turned to flat calm and heavy rain. 
That was pretty much the story for the majority of the session very changeable conditions and a busy lake.

Keeping the swim topped up throughout with a little an often approach, the final morning I left the rods as long as possible for a recast however seeing everyone wake up an literally spod the granny out of their respective swims I opted for a recast with no bait out an instead of the 16 wraps to the bar I was going to drop the rods short at 14 wraps into some deeper water an fish on the thicker silt. Changing the hook bait on one rod to a wafter corn rig still fished on the ever faithful multi rigs the rods went out with 5 ish hours left.

No more than half hour had passed when the middle rod let out a few bleeps the stow bobbin pulled up tight and the line started to peel off the spool…… I was in on the rod at 14 wraps in the deeper water.

A slow and steady battle it was ready for the net. A stunning 18lb 2oz scaly mirror was the prize for my efforts.

A special thanks to the Mrs who came with me for the weekend. An taking some cracking shots with the camera.

wyreside-mirror-1 wyresdie-mirror-2

I would highly recommend Wyreside fisheries, they will certainly be seeing me in the very near future.

Tight Lines All.