Had my first session out this weekend since joining the northern team at J Precision hooks. Safe today the conditions weren’t favorable, persistent rain and howling wind made things difficult but nether the less, I managed to winkle this lovely mirror out of my local reservoir.

After doing 3 laps of the res with nothing to go on as to were to fish, gut instinct told me get round 1 more lap and find those fish. Eventually I spotted plums of silt and detritus breaking the surface in a bay which the wind was hacking into. Bingo first part of the puzzle location done, now how let’s try an catch one.

Flicking out 2 bottom bait rigs Richworth S-core tipped with corn and a pva bag of crushed baits with a sprinkling of chops.

Thinking I would get action pretty quickly I was sat eagerly behind the rods only for the hours and hours to pass without any action or signs dejected is the only word that could sum my mood at that time.

Not being one for sitting behind motionless rods I needed to make something happen. The rain was driving harder an harder which didn’t make for comfy camping. Constant gazing into the bay made the time pass, then a fish put it’s back out of the water tight to the reeds right down to my right it was the slightest, shyest show possible…. did I imagine it, were my eyes paying tricks.

I couldn’t pass this opportunity if it was a fish so rigged up the ever faithful low multi rig using J Precision Hooks Chod twister in a 6 the bait was a Richworth pink washed out S-core pop up. I couldn’t have cast the rig out any better down with a soft but firm ish drop happy days.

Sitting back on the chair, brew in hand contemplating a move if there was a break in the weather. Then a single bleep an what felt like an age the rod hooped over an the delkim was melting…. I was in. A dogged battle and what felt like a life time the fish was in the net.

Not a massive fish by any means at 16lb 6oz but a hard earned fish from a tricky session. No further action happened so that was it until next week’s session.

Excuse the grainy self take.

rods res-mirror

Tight Lines All.