Have you ever wondered how your rod licence money is spent?

The Environment Agency has just published its Annual Fisheries Report for 2015-16 which gives a fascinating insight into all the work undertaken by the Fisheries teams and their partners.

Sarah Chare, the Head of Fisheries, says the focus this year has very much been on ‘Team England’ with the partnership approach giving the Agency a better way of working.

The role played by the Angling Trust as commissioned partners to deliver the National Angling Strategic Services contract is also highlighted and includes our work to ensure a value-for-money return on rod licence fees and significant ‘give back’ to both anglers and fisheries.

The Trust has been involved with a host of major projects including initiatives to get people to take up fishing, fisheries management and predation advice, enforcement support, non-native invasive species awareness campaigns and re-investment of rod licence money through the Angling Improvement Fund.

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