On the cards today was a day session and social on my local reservoir in pursuit of some of the beautifully scaled ocean strain carp the place has to offer.

Arriving at first light I loaded the barrow and pushed it through the muddy path to meet good friend and fellow gym freak, Neil, who was already setting up on the equally muddy ‘beach’ peg. This guy doesn’t need a barrow, carrying his tackle bag, rod bag, bivvy, bed chair and more under both arms in one trip from the car park!
Pegs are limited on here and the beach covers most of the central water. Most pegs on the opposite bank require waders this time of year and wellies during the summer months so we opted to keep our kit clean and feet dry.
The margins are very shallow and take a while to slope off to deeper water so using my marker kit I found a good silty area with depths of 10ft towards where the reservoir bottle necks.

I popped the marker float up and spodded some Stickybaits krill 12mm boilies and krill 6mm pellets using a Korda mini sky liner tightly around the float.

The bird life is a nightmare on here so a throwing stick or pult wouldn’t be the best option.
I planned to fish solid pva bags over the top of the spodded area.

The pva bag rig is simple, using Korda super natural braid I tied an overhand loop and threaded on a Stickybaits krill 16mm white pop up, then a size 6 kurv shank tied on knotness style but after 7 turns around the hook make the final two turns underneath the hair then thread the braid through the back of the hook eye to finish it off. This form of whipping allows the hook to sit

more aggressively when sucked up. Squeeze a BB shot in the middle of the hair to balance the pop up, add a pinch of dark matter putty to keep the rig pinned down and not coiled up over the bag mix and finally tie a figure of eight loop knot or any knot you’re confident with in the other end to your leader or mainline.

The bag mix consisted of standard 3mm carp pellets and Stickybaits krill clusters. These krill clusters absolutely stink and have an immense pulling power, slowly leaking out attractions for hours in the water. Their nutritional value are massive being 100% pure krill with high levels of rich proteins and fatty acids.

When making my solid pva bags I fill both corners and up to 1/4 full then drop in the rig and pierce the pva with the hook, leaving hook bend outside the bag.

This way you can be confident that none of the soft krill clusters have embedded the hook point and deem it unfishable. When using harder food items in the bag this wouldn’t be a problem so the hook can stay inside.

Both rods now out on the spot and the kettle was on.
A few hours had past and not much had happened apart from a few liners.
I’d cast out new bags every few hours to keep everything fresh and Neil had cast to a showing fish at around 80yrds mid afternoon but with no rewards.
With the light drawing in we called it a day and decided to pack away.

The next day I had an unusual few hours spare in the afternoon so I thought it would be rude not to head back up to the reservoir to use the left overs of yesterday’s bag mix!
Taking just the essentials, rods, rests and net. The weather was horrendous so on went my waders and waterproofs. After one lap and nothing to go at I set up in the trees on the opposite bank to yesterday’s session, using the same solid bag tactics fishing over dead weed beds and deeper water towards the dam wall.

Again, a few hours had past with not even a sighting of a carp, i decided i was wet enough and well and truly beaten by this place over the weekend! But that’s winter carp fishing for you! It beats being indoors and even though I didn’t catch I learnt a bit more…..

Speaking to a few locals I was told that a perch of 1lb had been caught and a decent sized one of around 2lb found dead so if perch are your thing then there’s got to be a few good ones to go at and I believe catching a perch is ‘carpy’ these days!!
I also heard the roach fishing is productive on here at the moment, averaging 10oz and specimens to 1lb, so get the tip rods out of hiding!

Thanks for reading.
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