Returning to a Fishery I had not fished for over 12 months now Cheshire Fishing pool 5 was my destination for the day and winter carp where my target. I had decided to try and dispel the myth that Feeder Fishing with Pellets was only a summer tactic and a no no in winter, and to tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the day.

Setting out in the morning for the 30 minute drive I could feel the temperature and air pressure had changed from the previous day, the temp had picked up by a few degrees and I had a good feeling that the carp would be on the feed. Arriving at the fishery I had already decided to fish Pool 5 with Pool 4 at my back, and from previous visits over the years, I knew this pool and most of the others on the complex held a good head of Carp (mixed in with lots of silvers too) which feed all year round even on the coldest of days, but like I said earlier, I wanted to have ago on the Rods today instead of “just another Pole day”. The lake was perfect feeder water with a decent cast to the middle and with around 5 to 6 foot of water in front of me I was chomping at the bit to get started.

Bait for the day consisted of, 1 Bag of Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets, 1 Bag of 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets, 1 Pint of 6mm Carp and Coarse Pellets, half a bag of Bait-Tech F1 Ground bait (if needed) a pint of Dead red Maggots and a Bottle of The Juice.

The Sticky Method Pellets mix perfect by themselves if you follow the instructions on the bag, but I added a glug of The Juice to bind them a bit more to stay on the feeder a bit longer and I also added a hand full of the 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellet just to break up the Dark around the feeder as the Sticky Method Pellets are quiet Dark, this is a personal choice and find it works very well.

My set ups for the day where, 2x 11ft Maver Genesis Pro Feeder Rods with 2 Maver Enigma 4000HS Reels, 25g UFO inline Method Feeders using a 4” hook link on both set ups but a Maver CS 24 16s hook with a band on for Pellets, and on the other rod I had a Maver MT3 18s hook for Dead Red Maggots knowing if the carp where not on the feed I was sure to bag some silvers instead.

Opting to start on the Dead Reds I was hitting the clip at around 25 turns, first cast out nothing, this was the same for the first hour, not even a pluck on the tip, so I decided to come off the clip and just cast around just to see if I could find any fish just laying up, this worked and a slight bend in the tip resulted in my first fish, a Skimmer on the dead reds, next chuck out I was in straight away and another skimmer, but a bit bigger. Deciding to swap to my Pellet set up I had the same distance set as the maggot set up at 25 turns out, prior to casting out I loaded the feeder, but then I dipped the whole feeder into the bottle of Juice and used it as a Glug, I cast out, put the rod on the rest and the rod nearly came flying off the rest resulting in a perfect conditioned looking Common of around 2lb, next cast out I dipped the 6mm Pellet in the liquid before loading the Sticky pellets around the Hook Bait on the method frame and within seconds of the method hitting the bottom the tip was flying round but this time a nice Ghosty of around 3lb was in the net.

I decided to try an experiment on my next cast out by not using any of the Juice liquid at all, I just loaded the feeder and buried the 6mm pellet as per the norm, cast out and nothing, gave it 5 minutes still nothing so brought the feeder back in loaded it up dipped it in the Juice, cast out, and Whack tip right around another nice common was in the net.


Wanting to see if the Dead Reds had the same effect, I dipped the 3 Dead reds in the Juice, cast out and again I was in, and it was much of the same for the rest of the session with a good few carp falling to each of the baits on offer and using the Juice as a Glug and a Dip, bites continued until I decided to pack up.

It was a nice change from using the Pole all day, I will be getting the feeder rod out a bit more during the rest of the winter now.

I have been using The Juice and Sticky Method Pellets through the summer months and had some great days using both, but to still catch like I did in the middle of winter at the rate I did is testament to the baits and liquids on offer from Bait-Tech.

Tight Lines Dave Williams

Street Squad.