Well on the cards today was a quick day session down at Blakemere fisheries in Whitchurch.

An 8 acre mere with a stunning rural back drop. With 9 large and well maintained pegs all with there own mats and landing nets. Mainly a 24hr ticket,  but in the winter months can be booked for a 1hr sessions. The mere it’s self is mainly featureless with a soft bottom but still holds over 200 carp up to around the 33lb mark. Booking is a must and can be done via the website.

Blakemere Fisheries


Blakemere Fisheries

Black Park Road



SY13 4JP



Back to the session in hand.

We left Warrington around 6 am hoping to get there for first light. The temperature was hovering around the 2 mark but has we started the hours drive to the venue we noticed the temperature had started to plummet dramatically. We arrived at venue at just after 7 am only to find that the temperature had gone to -2 and everywhere looked frozen. Not a very good start to the day but we carried on none the less.

Luckily the lake had not frozen over night so we had a quick around and decided on a swim called the boathouse. After a quick lead around we found a couple of spots about 15 half to 16 raps out. I decided to use a solid PVA bag containing a CC Moore white Northen Wafter and crushed up live system and Pacific tuna.

The night before I’d took a couple of handfuls of the live system and Pacific tuna boilies  and popped them in a bucket  then I covered them in the CC Moore Nut Extract. I took a couple of spoonfuls of the extract and placed in a container then took some warm water poured it into the same container so it formed a liquid . I then took the liquid and added it to my boilies and then left over night to soak in. Once at the venue I then add the CC Moore Milkimin pellets which stuck to the boilies like glue. This made a lovely spod mix.

As the day went on it seemed to get colder and colder and we could just tell it wasn’t going to happen for us. The wind had started to get up and the snow didn’t make an appearance so in the end we just had to call it a day.

All in all Blakemere is a lovely place and has to be a must on every carp anglers list . You can check out everything you need to know about Blakemere by heading to their website and Dave the owner is always happy to help you out with any advice you need.

Well ’til next time, thanks for reading. Hopefully you’ll have some luck on the bank.

Roy Collins

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