Behind The Counter #2
As I write this the weather is playing silly buggers again, with heavy sleet falling to the ground. The meteorological department has had to work overtime for the start of this year as it is so unpredictable.

We had a false start in the middle of the month with a mild spell of weather. People were coming out of the woodwork from last year to come and see our wares. The unnatural spring-like temperatures gave everyone hope that they would be wetting a line soon. Unfortunately the industry wasn’t ready and we are still waiting for baits to be released and tackle launched. The fact of the matter is that it is just to soon.

Trying to judge bait in particular maggots at this time of year is very difficult, we either have too much or we run out. We do not want to sell rubbish bait and we are not prepared to compromise on it. Therefore we ended up giving away most of our worm and a good proportion of pinkies as they just weren’t up to scratch. Good bait is everything.

Good bait is everything
We never compromise on quality

To start off the month we gained a new addition to our front room courtesy of Maver. The 1 metre black stand has taken centre stage (literally) and stands proudly next to the existing Guru stand. With a slick black and white header it beams bright and can be seen out of the front window from the road, advertising we are a Maver stockist exquisitely.

Filling the stand proved to be a bit of a nightmare, we wanted to get a good proportion of the Maver terminal range in, along with their Pole bits and pieces. Purchasing from a paper catalogue in relation to fitting it on a stand was tricky. We couldn’t believe how many hooks are in their range. We chose to order all of the hook ranges that they do and I was responsible for creating them and pricing them. On the fifth bag of little packets I had lost the will to live. Why has it is gone to far? how many hooks does a person need?

Maver sell 120 different patterns and sizes of hooks, which are sold in 10 per trade pack to us. So if you do the maths, I have to question why they need 120 different hooks. If you couple this with Guru who are due to release another 4 patterns of hooks , Preston Innovations who have their PR range which is 15 patterns in at least 5 sizes, Drennan who are the ultimate with 32 different patterns in 5 sizes! Add into the mix Kamasan, Matrix, Middy, Mustad and Korum, just for match/coarse hooks you would need a warehouse just put the little packets on the wall.

We try to stock what we can and will always be playing catch up as trends change. I estimate that we have easily over 250 patterns of hook on the wall in their various sizes. Yet I was still asked why we didn’t stock Sensas hooks! You know the little black one that is perfect for worm fishing! Arrggh I could scream!


“Why has it is gone to far? how many hooks does a person need?”
My mum
The unsung silent partner

In addition to going blind pricing packets of hooks, we lost our boilie display freezer. The glass fronted unit had been with me since the start and had been in 4 shops including Chester Road. It was like a good friend, who had been by my side every step of the way, even through the flood, which I think was it’s ultimate downfall.

The back yard is looking like a freezer graveyard as we still have the last freezer to die on us out their too. If somebody wants to help getting them removed I would really appreciate it, the legislation on disposal of these things now is overwhelming.

The freezer consumed a huge amount of bait and therefore we quickly had to empty and redistribute the bags of bait. This is where the unsung heroes of the operation rise to the top. My Mother who has been instrumental behind the scenes of all of my ventures came to rescue and offered her freezer for temporary storage. Without compromise she loaded the smelly bags of fish food into her pristine white goods no hesitation. Without my mum I wouldn’t be the person who I am today and you wouldn’t be reading this because her support has been unwavering. In this instance, this frozen failure would have cost me a small fortune, but this was avoided solely down to my mum. I cannot thank her enough.

Things should get back on track as we have now gained another freezer this time from Jamie’s Nan. The chest freezer will compliment the existing one I got from Vinny my fishing buddy, see how this is a family business.

Adding to the family is a new member of staff, Myles who joined us at the end of the month. Just doing Saturday’s at the moment Myles will fit in nicely with Jamie and me helping out where possible. After his short time on shift he had the shop looking ship-shape and ready for you guys to browse freely.

New Entrance

As many hooks as you could ever need

Work has started on our outside lean-to which is being constructed by a friend of the shop Steve Bebbington from AMS Landscapes. This will move our maggot preparation outside not only freeing more room, but hopefully reducing the smells and number of flies we get from time to time. more news on that next month when it has been finished.

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will have more bait and tackle to get your taste buds going, with the weather picking up (hopefully) we should start to hear of some big catches. Remember you can send us your photos, short stories and blogs, just send them to

A short month, so a short blog. Until next month