Today was a new challenge for myself and some of the lads at Manley Old Hall but a return visit for Dave all be it on a different pool

Cherry Pool is the middle water and also the largest and deepest with depths up to 8′. This is a mixed species water which makes it good fishing all year round.

This is a ideal match water and bookings can be made through Billy Bristow.

Manley Old Hall Fishery

Easily found off the M56 junction 14, take A5117 sign posted Helsby.

5 miles right turn at Manley village school (School Lane). 300 yards right down Sugar lane then 200 yards fishery on right.

Bait tactics today for me on a calm roasting hot day well it felt like it after previous sub zero trips.

Out was 4mm expander pellets soaked in Polony Oil and dead red maggots soaked in the very impressive hemp oil from Beechwood baits.

Both of these prepared the day before to allow a good soaking for hook baits and micros lightly dusted with Dynamite baits silver X roach for my feed which was regular fed with a pole cup or a small Frenzee pole pot into three swims at 8m.6m and a margin swim

A trip to Warrington Angling Centre and a few pennies spent let me treat  3 of my top kits with some new white and black hydro elastic from Daiwa and the new Aqua from Drennan and I set up the 3 top kit rigs all identical with  0.11 to 0.10 mainline and size 18 Gamakatsu hooks, one set for shallow , mid water and two inches over depth.

Spread round the lake everyone started catching a steady flow of silver fish on the maggot with the odd decent perch putting in a appearance along with some decent skimmers and Bream,then what we was all waiting for the first decent carp of 2017 and it fell to Stu as did a good few more all on the faithful dead red maggot yes you guessed soaked in hemp oil.

Back over on my peg I opted to start on soft pellet for a hour and caught or got a bite every put in. The second hour seen me try a bit of shallow slapping and a couple of different swims in open water resulting in a slow down of fish so it was back to my 8m line just off some reeds about 4m out. This swim brought me some really good roach (and some tiny ones), skimmers and my first carp of the year.

After loosing a few which I put down to the fine hook I was using, the highlight for me was some of the Chub I was catching and looking inside their mouths you could see they were really on the feed.

On the peg next to me Dave well was doing what Dave tends to do and catch fish using these tactics for the day. A long pole line 13m, 0.5 Dino Chi Chi, 0.11 main line to 0.10 and a B911 18s with chopped worm and dead reds the  6 meter line, Dino Gino 0.4 float on the drop with double red and single red maggot, 0.11 to 0.10 mainline and a 20s B911 hook and the third one was Margin line, Dino Gino 0.4 float, chopped worm and dead reds, 0.15 main line to 0.13 hooklink 18s B911 hook.

Loose feeding dead reds and chopped worm via cupping kit and also feeding Bait-Tech 2mm micros via a small soft pot on all lines.these tactics swapped around during the day brought Dave a great mixed bag of Carp,Perch,Skimmers,Bream,Rudd, Chub and Roach resulting in over 100 fish.

All six of us caught a lot of fish on a warmer winters day on a new venue for us,we certainly will be coming back here for regular visits because it has so much to offer and I certainly want to get into catching them carp and the bigger chub,this is only a brief account of the day if you would like some more information please leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.

Brian Coakley
Warrington Angling