Bait tech The Juice Dumbells “Juiced up”


Around a month and a half ago I popped into Warrington angling centre and was pleased to see their delivery from Bait Tech had arrived.  A delivery that included loads of their new product range including the special G dark ground bait range but I had my mind firmly on picking up a tub of their new range of dumbells added to “the juice” range.

Picking up a pack of 8mil sinkers and later on also adding a tub of 8mil pop-up and a bottle of “the juice” glug I was all set to put this bait through its paces on the venues I was planning to fish.



The Bait..


“The juice continues to be a massive success story wherever it goes and it seemed only right to use it in our new juice dumbells.  As commercial carp continue to wise up we recognise the need for cutting edge hook baits and a wide variety of presentation options.  Offering the angler to easily swap between these using simple attachments such as bait bands, hair rigs or bayonet catching more carp and winning more matches have never been easier.”


Available in 8mm or 10mm – Pop-ups, Wafters and Sinkers.


*High Attraction

*The juice in hook bait

*Fluoro Colours

* 2 Different Sizes

*3 Types


The Venues….


To get a true picture of how this bait performed I wanted to test it on a diverse scope of venues.  The first was a popular commercial fishery called Cheshire Fishing, your average carp commercial with a number of lakes on site with your normal marginal shelf falling into around 5 feet of water, could this bait do the business on its home turf on a commercial?


The second venue was highly pressured club water where the fish see plenty of baits on a daily basis but a water that also holds a few gems; could this bait fool these wise original wild carp?


The Set-up…


I planned to use this bait through out on a method feeder end tackle with the Guru 24g Hybrid Feeder in a 24g weight being my method feeder of choice.   I fished this on both my 10ft Drennan Carp Puddle Chucker feeder and my 2.5lb Prologic Carp rods.  The business end I fished the method feeder free running on the line down to a quick change bead and a short 4inch hook link attaching the bait via a Korum quick stop.



The Reults…


The first water I visited with this bait was the local pool and quickly found out that the banks where a lot busier than previous years on here.  Yellow baits had always done well and speaking to a few anglers this was the general consensus being found by the new visitors.   Knowing how quickly the carp wised up on here last year I instantly knew how valuable the diverse colour range within the juice dumbbell range was going to be.  Fluro pink, fluro orange and white would offer a great alternative whilst bright yellow would allow me to present the old faithful yellow bait as well.


The bites came quickly on the juice and in no time I had confidence in the baits a ability to catch fish. I used this bait extensively in my Youtube series where I was on a mini quest to catch the better specimens this pool holds. The juice dumbells caught carp from a few pounds all the way up to upper doubles like this fish below with pink being the killer bait..

A bait I soon had confidence in using and to see its fish catching ability first hand check out this short video from session I had on there on chilled out Sunday morning.


The second water was the commercial carp water, again fishing on the method feeder and on this water it really came into its own and I had some really good fun catching countless carp on the juice dumbells.  It felt like it was at home on this water and as expected this bait did not disappoint on there.

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A recent session on there saw the method feeder fished with juice dumbells account for this 90lb net of carp.



Keeping my casting accurate to the feature saw frantic action on the rod and on more than one occasion the rod was off before I had to sink my line. After a few session I was left in no doubt that this bait does catch fish.  Whether it is down to the flavour or the high visibility of the baits or both of these together I don’t know but one thing was for sure, these baits do catch fish and have the ability to catch a number of fish.


During testing the sight of my puddle chucker rod bend double into a carp taken on the juice was common place.



It all culminated in the session below where the juice dumbells fished with a method feeder saw me have a red letter day catching over 90lb of carp.

link to video:

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