Bait tech describes the dumbells as below,but hey I thought why not give them a go myself as Warrington Angling Centre has just got in a new Bait tech order with these in

The Juice continues to be a massive success story wherever it goes and it seemed only right to use it in our new Juice Dumbells!

As commercial Carp continue to wise up we recognise the need for cutting edge hookbaits and a wide variety of presentation options. Offering the angler to easily swap between these using simple attachment methods such as bait bands, hair rigs or bayonets catching more carp and winning more matches has never been easier!

Available in: 8mm or 10mm – Pop-Ups, Wafters & Sinkers

Today’s venue was Rosemary Wood which is stocked with Carp , skimmers and bream

For some reason when ever I turn up at Rosemary wood the wind is howling and the rain is pouring and today was no different ( so the pole was out of the question )

Feeder and waggler set up it was to be and  as little gear on the peg as possible

for the feeder I added 1 pint of each micros,4mm and dead maggots mixed with Bait tech special G ground-bait to put in my 24g guru elasticated feeder

With the wind blowing left to right I chose to cast about 40-50m in about 8ft of water and after several missed bites the skimmers and bream started to take to the feed and the coloured sinking dumbels I was using as hook bait

not leaving the feeder in for longer than a minute kept the feed going in and it soon racked me up over 50 skimmers and bream in no time at all

on the day the white ones seemed to bring  the fish quicker

These certainly smelt nice and looked nice and are well presented when put in a  bait band with a size 14 or 16 hook, no carp today for me on the dumbells ( not many carp getting caught around the lake ) but these could be the difference in building up a good match weight when the carp are playing hard to get , realy good value for money as you get plenty of them. I certainly will be adding the wafters and pop ups when I next visit Warrington Angling Centre

tight lines Brian