Sticky Baits Krill Pellets


A bag of confidence that comes in sizes 900g and 2.5kg bags and pellet size of 2.3mm, 4mm and 6mm.

The outer coating of the krill pellets contains a high level of pure krill meal, so once immersed in water these particles rise and fall through the water column attracting the drawing fish to the baited area. The second part of the coating slowly releases a deep orange cloud that clings to the lake bed and oozes natural attraction to hold fish on the baited spots.

When I’m out on a stalking session I wouldn’t be without a bag of krill pellets as they have so much pulling power, they are awesome for that quick bite and literally stop fish in their tracks.  I usually go for the bigger 6mm pellets as I can flick them out with my pult easily to little patrol routes to intercept the fish. The day before my stalking sessions i like to empty the bag into a bucket and boost the pellets with a dash of Sticky Baits Cloudy Krill Liquid, just enough to wet all the pellets and give them that shiny glaze.

This increases that pulling power to the max and instantly adds the liquid attractions to the water columns as they fall through them.

I’ve been successful on my stalking sessions using the pellets in small pva stick bags hooked onto my rig and under-armed over a small baited spot of loose pellets when the fish have got their heads down in the shallows. They simply cannot swim past these pellets without investigating and kicking that silt around!

Alternatively you can add the pellets to your spod mixes, use the different sizes available for pva bag mixes, soak them for longer or scold them with boiling water and mould them around method feeders or simply just ball them in. The possibilities are endless.

Try them yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Here’s one I had using the small stick bag method from last Summer in the margins. Go and catch yourself a stunner!


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